Cat Song for Kim 9.19.16

Monday, September 19th


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That's where he's Peachtree City and all over eighteen yeah. Straight come. Justin Jan shell on stunning people look at last week. It can mean Manning's her friend has campaigned. Moon pies. They want to face this line that they want they're at it came Mary. If I think that's right if I remember correctly. Cam use it gave her frame of bats. Right rather an after they broke came in at remained brain tumor like. Bought some today and so they decided while they can't duties as humans. Bill Marriott marquis that off the is that right camp that would be correct that's an idea that develops over Marguerite snapped open. It went pretty much yes. It's a great idea insistently and so you guys that to review. Each have cats multiple acts and what that's what I hers is an overweight three legged. Crater named moon pie. Correct and you have a cross site cat teams matter. Correct and you have decided that this too. Matt the media we we did and many back. Square. Foot. Yeah yeah I'm. But let's grab. Bad because she's on with us now hey aren't paid back welcome to the shall. I Harry doing we are clear and that's that's that's. Hey you don't loan is now Beth you know what's happening are you aware of what you different Afghanistan. I am aware of it it's a little little else. Yeah. That's contrary that is so well or ill and I think it was important. But yet to get sting that we have between us for ears and then. How does he hits through questions and hit that the. All right so back to you don't even live in Atlanta a year and new Yorker summer right. Yeah he had seniority but come on yeah didn't so this is somebody on the train bill never. Oh. So this is a long distance relationship bath between you'll are three legged fact that the moon. And and kings cross eyed cat. Back. He didn't but he is. And we don't like the worst crash around her. We you know we like we have you know body positive expectancy an active. Yeah. Large and in charge kind of and he isn't. Well I despite the miles between moon pie and matter are producers have come up with a way. Honor them and that is where they world famous Jeff's engine should now. Pat sound actual or are you both. Ready yes. Diet may yet. But yet. Right ladies and gentlemen the newest cats on in the jet engines you know TV jukebox. It's sort of a billion idols of white letting the blue. That landing. There is fantastic. Is. I was trying to think I'm fine he could say is that that would didn't never crossed my mind and yet could not eat worker. I do I get the fact. And I didn't even do it with a Wednesday at. Until that time and medics. Iron cat and came. Up. There aren't so early and holy matrimony. And could yet. Is there now landed and we appreciate. Your big congratulations. Guys thank you so much welcome to. Yeah there are some there elements of the caveats on. Excluding here an accident and I ain't as bad news is. Because you live in New York you never have to tell anyone about it. Load you know meant I had many say that and and should now be very into it and then. Odds aren't good at bats and thank you I I. Star in 941.