A Cat Song for Dr. Preston Burke

Tuesday, February 7th

The crazy kitty who licks socks and hides for days


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So are in 941. Hi Rachel how are you. Anger and worry I Garrett it is Jeff and Jen of course we have got some good news warrior. I yet cats on is completely finished. And we have your sister wrote back on the other line which he has no idea wages and hold right. No idea. So her cat doctor Preston Burke is giving it does surprise song that it's a surprise for her. I issue and that we have heard on the planet and legally but are written to drop whenever he's doing or anyone else I just got to be on being. Leaked it kind of Brian Gay here to make her happy for a little while and then play out the buyer credit analyst. I. So Rachel are you and Rebecca best friends. Yeah we live together break here and where you are close you have like 8000 inside joke so we're we're a close. I know. As friends and ethnic I have let's grab wrote back and try to explain to her what she is the enemy rate. Rebecca it. Hey welcome I into the jet engine and show my name is staff and onto your back. Well Weiner you tell us what you think you did. Are well. And I I I I had written about my character and I'm sure that I'm gonna send a cap. And it's not true. I let's before we bring your sister on where that Rebecca if your sister was gonna have you come on the radio for any reason. Why do you think that reason is. It in. OK I don't. I don't China Russia when I look forward. And I am really really wanted to be an only child. I know I know. I pay our Rachel's at a Rebecca. I bet. Just. Have you had the opportunity to listen to the jet engine issue right now in the morning. Have you heard the most ridiculous thing that we use and how do you on a regular basis. Forecasts. Dude saw in the event. Well we received any analogy I mean our producer receives team now from Rachel all about. Doctor Preston Burke. You rates on its Al. On that point package and then I didn't make it on about doctor. I include being done in ninety Nellie is. Why it all right now. Basically I'm I don't know that there. You. Haven't come out badly and you don't own then you can hear great not happy with good links during the couched. It earned. A. All right if you guys that are you guys are both ready weekend we hit the button and play. These. Song for doctor Preston. Are uniting the guys who are already rated on a back erratic. Name is doctor Burke Randy most important thing. I am. And yet into a round began. Name of the song. Hideaway. And. And with local. Yeah. Yeah it's night and saying yeah. Yeah. And it's. I didn't it didn't go for doctor Derek and yeah. I know all. We know. Unless that's your only less then we'll send those cats on the right over it's easy complain and ask the president on how to memorize. And I give Preston our bass and and your outrage on thank you back from within this now. Do you know you DR IA. I think now much. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.