Cat Song for Bethany and Fiona

Monday, August 22nd


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H and show. Star in 941 net. I'm so excited for this you really are happening in your face says it all up. Don't remember him back any and all they show last week. To complain. About everything that we do she hates us. She hates the jet engines there so we've got into. The end and let me backtrack he he's somebody is listening today for the very first time because so many confusing thing that we break. Songs for cats this totally started accidentally but we write songs for people's pat cash it was something that I thought was ridiculous in vain. I have embrace that and I think it's awesome able line in amber what it makes me laugh everytime I hear and number two it makes everybody who hears it so happy number three Kansas on for a cat a mean. And so ridiculously beautiful. Let your cat person you love it that you love cats. And your cat person you love it if you hate cats and hate how weird cat people are organized justified his editing you think. So last week we had a phone call from. A woman named Caitlin and she wanted to write a song for her cat. Roughly in rightly had a very unique medical condition in which tees but he had some surgery. Moment she adopt a place as she calls and story that is very unique. Rightly and weep weep we bright we listener call bright notes. Sentiment and then we get from from our urged people back on the side. Yeah. So all right. And short game it's dec Franken what. So replay this this on fur on yet for Kate and everybody laughs. And we move thirty minutes later we get a phone producer David says you guys element in Indiana and she eats. Uga referring to Janet and she hates specifically the songs about. Are we where I think he. And and why you hate something so much I'm not all here's here's part of her for this within thirty seconds that's picking up the front. I don't turn out that how. I mean. On. It doesn't make friends but why would you wouldn't waste time. OK and let me me. So. That. He didn't include bit. So she goes nine continues to complain at one point chances to herbal what do you think we should be talking about on this now. Well. There's huge. Do candidates to talk about. There's also a state local election and you could talk about an hour or so much to talk about. You can people are undecided all of they're gonna vote for for president and they're battling topic to talk about will help people learn more about the candidate and their aunt says. And make more educated decision. Do you think I'm perhaps. There are a lot of places where you can do it in court on who you should vote for. And it would be cool if there is a forum that was kind of a respite. From the from the new ways of politics do you think that would be. Well. The only event has to talk about that I mean. Like all meet people who aren't you grateful for a billion agree that in grade wanting to dollar on that. Fractured it all of the great trio put them on tape up like your friend Mike here. Are you seriously ripping. On our segment where people call up with Raddatz. That's how the entire phone call. Awful she's just mad at the war so one of a second member who Jenner guys say that we're gonna transfer you to our management. You can tout their general manager his name is Mike Fowler. That we put on hold in and week picked up the phone again and I pretended to be might. Engine pretended to be Mike's assistant transferring the call and I didn't change my voice at all. Now she's on the phone again with me which he thinks he's talking with my boss. I'd like to file a formal Greek and. And I don't think we spent enough time on those two words. Formal grievance. Meant so exaggerate its exaggerated and it's like it's almost like she's taking it to a legal you have to accept the so then there's this is it misses are talking to my. I'd like to file a formal Greek and about the morning show. They're broadcasting just terrible terrible eight mindless nonsense. And they're not. Not. And tackling the nude app that is occurring in the nation today in our area and I would really like bands you being real journalists. And not be stupid fake. Broadcaster. So Mike was having a conversation with they're getting some feedback is he would if a formal. Pakistani for a one formal grievance Foreman trips right right. And so he was talking to are trying to get some information or was it Jan because Jen is terrible. We have such. Hang out a whole place. Sorry I just got a peek issue. Oh. So that's kind of how the conversation we've we've made and she never once wavered. She never once I came off quarters she lied in horrible grievance filed about our acts. In order to complete that form mr. Fowler had to ask her about her acts are you an animal person. He had a cat. And what is your cat's name Fiona. Fleck and not like apple. From the Atlantic go track to track record I don't know on this thing so well who's. And what's the owner might also very much like her name appreciate it and that should. They're very sweet cat a great great caddie I rescued her and from living on the streets actually sell. She had a pretty good right certificate is a living on the streets actually by herself. How long it yeah how long have you and fear on a band together. Have you on a first seven years now. To see any favorite treats. Me. She likes cute little crunchy saying that I don't understand sir I'm just trying to file a complaint. Indoor cat indoor outdoor outdoor cat. She lived indoors that I am just trying to file a complaint against your morning show. Quick question. And that will move line are you married single. You know lamps ask. All right so now we know who Bethany is if you've never listen to the ship before you know who Bethany is now you know who Fiona. And then he said I will pass this along the Japanese animate your cats she's like. Yeah fifth season on an island might try to file a complaint but I'm not gonna not make it caps on. For Fiona and now a few element to clarify. Like. Shrank the princess not apple break this thing. So if you're not familiar this is Fiona Apple's on criminal. Travel I know Bethany if you're listening and I'm sure you are because everybody who says I'm never listening to you again listens obsessively thank you for that. So odd Bethany I know that Fiona is from track and is a princess in isn't in no way related to that garbage music Fiona Apple hurt dancing around in underwear and the media that warehouse. I I realize that. But if you think that I'm gonna grant your wish and created Shrek themed song and tarnished. The cartoon childhood cartoonish. Wracked with your garbage attitude and you're negative nonsense you're wrong. So here's Fiona is a on. If the tune of Fiona Apple's on criminal and you know up Bethany thanks for listening thanks for making the switch in you're gonna like this. Yeah he can yeah. C. Fuzzy sound. She's just weeks. Change. Ten. Kinda easy. Now. Minute and instantly. Pain. Do you. And snow. It's. Yeah I mean. Very bad saying. Thanks as early as today could crazy dreams Ireland's again and thank you so much for listening and if you wanna call us back. Bat hitting. We'll send you a copy of that as we do to every one who might not believe all of the adolescent had sounded batted at the end you know and you can play that. Third year old princess via. Forever forever and ever and where. Love you and I listen. She didn't judge. I mean and.