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Monday, April 25th


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Justin did Joseph just shell Vizio. Conversation at 4047419400. Krajicek trying to get everybody on our tenure. It's possible this is a tough job but I think I can do it sounds. Our friend Alex called us because she got an email from a guy named Travis Travis was scrolling through is to ram and spotted picture of this woman named Cassandra in Alex's photos and said oh my gosh that's a woman I've been dreaming about marrying my entire life. And since Alex an email that says please get me in touch with our. Since the second email saying by the way I mean gates Allen says know what to do it justice to pass along and be an agent of destiny. Or an agent of ruining a relationship. Brings us the issue we talked to Travis he's actually not that creepy. Hixon sounded very normal and really sweet about it. So yeah and actually thinks that they're instead of just connecting them we just talked to Cassandra and read her theme. How you out of Santa. Armed with all of while I won't settle and never before won ten straight up relationship and then specialists who does somebody have never match. Well I mean. I I don't know they needed it answered by now about what I wanted to do. You're running an an Odyssey I have to give us an answer all but we've really would appreciate acres. This is really been really great radio for a few days so now. There who aren't saying that although I don't know but it. I don't know what you guys loans. To any moral among our. The most important question presses like are using both. Okay so you could be in touch with him without ruining your relationships brooding relationships across America to fight their way. And Casey you're single you just have to decide on whether or not you're open to communicating with or I at all. All of our lives full aware that if I I think that Collie and and training again I'm going to interpret that Maria of course but it just sit. I've seen how that I die from Oklahoma. Reaching out to someone you hardly know in Leon. And then having that career churned slowly at it's it's a lot with a lot of Wayland since the distance in between then and it's a bit leery I just I don't. I'm not really sure to get out. I mean I do I please I don't want you to feel pressure about. The race I was joking about the radio stuff but I would like you tailor your phone just text in your picture of jams children. Who will not be able to go to college and let us hope hopefully we're able to achieve some great things about themselves. And it's important. See them before he does understand. Well agent about a vision my kids but what are we sent you a picture of him. You have got to be a victory and that's essentially the start. We say you all that I mean I mean yeah she's just like you like or don't know what I won't yeah Williams and you everything I Larry's that you everything. And then after you have a chance a look at it and you get back into it that's and then well. Government. I can't please answer from all we are back. It is going to face is Andrea. That figure the bonuses. And so I thought. All right Alex abolish all into sanders' glory years we've successfully manipulated your way out of did end and not a metal bats. Now and the now. You. Might mean and no we didn't really good and I can't get him I got a call beyoncé. No he didn't do that travesty if Travis is a creeping rose. We phone conversation went on and now. At Wimbledon to protect. You can tell each listening to iron out well we'll keep you posted if we hear from Pakistan can you please also do the same guy. OK I thank you. Eat and I via a lured out. I don't even know what their definition of works I don't know and I I hope it is him. Or we were talking about ratings bonuses defecated. Out about we're on our way this. Negative thing here. I. Hey Nicole welcome to the shaft. Hey. I'm really glad we hear that she's thinking about checking in at trial I'll get them it can't be okay. Is this like a perfect but story live BP Ali see you grow up as a little girl we haven't. Partner Nicole it's not the the perfect love story our story an engaged man he's is creepy stalking. Another woman's eggs to Graham feed but what have. What if it's meant to me hey Heather and can't without. I really hope they keep open minded and checked and the because and because she doesn't smell and he's perfect. Sir. They keep perfect for him and the thing about Ambien again I'd like you said. The woman I'm engaged can edit a lifelong friend and like she knows me and that. Like you can't find your lunch you love him better. Just settled down way that they appear at that vaguely like a family like than somebody who you know view. And then he he's the picture on the eve like oh my god got tired. I believe I can't believe how would you feel if you lose your fiance. You will read. It or not he had a fiance okay yes he's an intimate relationship. But how are you married people these days he honestly like he did not marry you. This is great everybody's just hopeless romantic getaway if you are you hear what I'm here Marino the fellow in gauged guy in the yeah well. You know what I'm there I heard that has now what I area. I'm not married yet and I got take a quick break here who have worked in my tenure proved. Oh start before one.