Carrie's Reaction to Darren's Ghosting

Wednesday, April 27th


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The Japanese didn't show show show Vizio. To join the conversation at 4047. Before hundreds on the sign any moral law and. Three minutes ago we found out that Darren didn't go on a second date with Kerry because he found out that she did lives we've heard adult rather mature adults. Sibling sibling roommates gaffe and Jen totally sees his point out. Well I sneaking back they had like it yes but then he realized that like the brother was either there and sleeping there like he commands remaining time or wasn't home yet and could come home yeah. And so he just I am not not so and a but it seemed like he really like Cary and had she lived somewhere else than. Maybe it or hate Jerry. Wall as it did the light bulb go off for you. Oh well I'm a little confused. All people and I'm glad he won't let my radar is not totally broken leg I knew that we had a big time together already it and it popped wrecked it. All right well it it might play my brother lives Whitney. And keep he can you own locker room I don't know what their thing. Gonna happen. I doubt he didn't bargain then in my bedroom end. And all the water and well that then I don't know. Isn't it weird you violate privacy thing let's say you and airing I go I went out and a bunch more dates and ends. If you were rated take it to the next level or whatever. Like how do you walking in two year high hosts lead would your brother or maybe sit on the couch. And now and then who think they thought. I don't I don't understand yet like it week yet we are adult so we handle these things like adults and it's not like we don't. We're not able protect each other and say hey you know if he can you find yourself somewhere out tonight where you know like. I don't know like it's just not a big deal the Wal-Mart they're the wall art and does not and com. I don't know what it is weird he's family. He needed help. I said you know I have an extra room comes they would meet because he's family and. Of corners yeah nice. Can't even process. Not helping out family and that. I'd get that I'm totally get it high entire families just gonna put a dent in your dating life that I'll. And I don't find that plays or get them hasn't it. Ordered mr. Baird problem honestly I mean I really liked him but. He didn't act strange indeed that. Said. He would have that reaction I got pregnant can even prop that. You know what I mean like Darren did I say not only is cute between helping my family and aiding them and act but that's not an ultimatum that I can even. He's not all of that now you're gone a little extreme he's now making an ultimatum. He just said it's heaved him out to have to walk past your brother. To go be intimate with view should the relationship progressed that's all he said he's not giving an ultimatum throw your. Brother out. How bad an adult reaction. To the situation like Paula. Someone else who knows that we might be infinite we'll carry it. I think your first starting out and a relationship he just thought that was going to be an uncomfortable thing you can mine he didn't want to do. Why aren't you sort of his story you're dating. Do anything that I call that the first state so whatever expectations word bear and whatever has gone on and Garrett head lake. It wasn't it he needed a phone charger and I haven't called them. I can you can you hold on 12. Title on Wednesday. She's going way off right yeah. OK so Darren is actionable. And. Right but she's like she's leaving like some weird wrinkle on on a deal it right that's it and she's saying like me to my. Am I imagine really actually beginning to hurt you and right out and she will do the sound. Cold so we get rid of her and and. Word this is at a news she called us to ghost hunt. I know but I just let me through nice person she's taking her brother's in person but I think she's getting all. All over the edge with Darren. Hey I caring. Hate Jen thinks should go crazy I I. I did not say. I don't going crazy love him as one date and there was a situation presented itself after the first day that he was like. Situations so he likes you but not enough to get pastor brother and I don't think that means he's making you choose your brother between him you were nannies is going. At. So I think I wouldn't dictate it too personally and I think you can hop back on Tinder or whatever you're wherever you're doing online dating and you have back on there and and you're a good person in your good soul and life will be good for you but I wouldn't worry too much about this Daryn you guys just weren't compatible. Well are not worried. RA they scary things are gone. To all things. I carry. Our. You hang up first. That was our. It was intense right to fight about OK all right Eric out and a 4047419400. Of you have a point of a view that maybe we didn't see respectively NC gladly out there. Now starring 841.