Car Color Horoscope

Tuesday, August 2nd


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Czar not before one that. I do horoscopes but I typically don't get into comes cheesy stuff like us but it's minimal I would personally. It was the first these that you do you like first though I do like reading Mars if I don't necessarily believe that but I do like reading. I definitely. Ended it there always have generic if they you have a great. They let it go and look at the price is like David and Kelly and hear what I mean don't you go look under your date. You feel like it's specifically for you now I do but I feel like did I take it more as a thing of just over the ports and. Yeah take it or leave it based silvery I mean. I have all I'm on the kinds isn't it bombings on the day it changes from Hamburg recently Brad. My whole life I've always right to and it always applied to me. And I go and I read another line just to get well it is a wise any its air and it all flies. I. Insert yourself and well I don't get into it like that corny things like this but I bounce something. It's about what your car's color says about here. So I started reading it sounds like fifth and cheesy but and the in new class so I look at Jeff. And look at me and I looked at my husband Graham and I was like. Perfect perfect perfect so it's like your horoscope but it's based on the color car I want color carnage has been ran track he had a silver cars and and what does it say about silver card okay so if you're driving a silver car and that's all. Why. All lack who has a per game silver. What it says is that you are elegance futuristic and model. Silver can be very elegant but also as a rather futuristic appeal as well. There's kind of modern Nancy no not my dignity do you say powered. Apple. It doesn't matter there's nothing about your husband grant it makes you use futuristic. Elegant. I was going with elegant and modern. We think it's really hate the words that don't. I I heard that all right okay great if you drivable car and yeah sales and a black car. Greenland and -- month by a tech guy. So black car what it says its power and status. I am bitter that so far to say no don't read anymore regard black is the most empowered color of all it's seen as classic and the person who would purchase the black car into he's being seen as powerful. We know that limos and cars politicians are driven around in our usually black and always implies power. I think I actually it now it does seem more okay who went quiet right now. Whites producer allergies are generally okay clean frightful fastidious and pure or lives in a hotline. They say what's interesting is that a lot of people who choose white like the idea that it's very clean. There's a kind of purity in the collar whites now that's. Yeah well because. I beverages and purity in the same sentence a little more and they say these are also fastidious because in order to have white card you gotta keep. Fairy Lena are also look at our Aaron. The okay now David desist if that you mutual grade corporate practical and pragmatic. Then no but great wasn't my choice of the car I just bought it. Because I got a reckon I needed a car fast. At hang my previous car that I chose. Was silver. And so. So you're like ready futuristic like modern the modern I would elegant but if I had a choice than the color my car it would need to either be silver black or red. Now my heart is brown and here's what it says about mine it's as you're down to earth and known on cents. They say it's president elect brown car is down to earth known and since they don't see it as a fashion color or a grandparent. Yeah. I'm under fifty choose that brown guards and it's actually called dark chocolate and I might have influenced it. Let's take. If you drive a red car it's as high energy sexy and raves attention. If you drive a purple car read the purple one K let me get the prize or are. You I it's at least you if you drive a purple car you are France. I'm thinking ahead a Merkel says you're creative original individualistic and energetic. The night I did bags of Arnold you can't they'll figure things that wouldn't. I would have to grant. Star in 941.