Can You Solve This Riddle?

Wednesday, January 18th


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Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. Yesterday morning at this time I pose the question if you have a shop that is. They have a hundred dollars taken out of the right. And that he returns that shopping uses the stolen hundred dollars. By eighth avenue dollars' worth of goods in and receives thirty dollars worth of change. How much was actually eight in from the from the how much is the shop down now which you mean the residents mark Hurst and line. They show she immediately had an answer that she and changed and minutes. David Berry count up if you get out get out. And then she mapped. Out. And she came in and she says how much was your gas Hyundai. And they're over 200 comments in the. For me is greed everybody's. When you hear it and I'll make fans like Colleen I think it's a little got a bright house and he and merchandise that's just the thirty and asked now. Literally every single answer I was like yeah that's the inedible there's not yet know that's an eye. And then it went down like holes of like well what do the cost of the goods that were stolen and invite people are like China you all of it in that that's. Are too complicated. We just needed an audience and it turns out that one of us in this room. Legitimately in truly connected to an honest to goodness rockets signed. She means sister your older sister when she's older sister works for space act. But his is a it is true that life. Rockets find. He could be. Engineer he just answer from their Texas campus to campus. Now. Her off with. If you meetings with him it's her finely impressive. She graduated like the top of her class at Embry-Riddle aeronautical university. The only girl meet the four years something like that row and sane and now she's back they're finishing repeat Ian and accelerated course because. We we need to back. Don't hate it but it. What where what is Thanksgiving like when you go around he. He's here I'd like I did you cast on yeah I mean she's like I found a pill that defeat. Just about making oxygen slashed because humans needed it to be less liquid more slash. Quote like fate like that they seize this 7-Eleven compared yeah. He's a slate asked her to do that sounds like ha. Okay and yeah credible although there's the girls mute and she's the oldest infield and then there's the middle and you're the young and one of them Bridget and Ballard at the Bridget is the true brackets through graphics I. So bridges making oxygen slash at the request that Elon Musk. And later this week you're gonna try to move an Oreo cookie from me or idea mouth and he's a quiet yes that sentiment. Of what are right so. It's very simple. Ands. And started Yankee yankees coming in bowl area struck Jackie. You say you. Unlike black. 170 back there well OK explain. So if I pay 400 dollars from you and then come back he later and just pay more seventeen more of them being curling iron or seventy Bob are you gave me that hundred dollars back. I'm still getting dirty and that bag they only gave you doesn't eat well. I can't even bother you that the view makes sense why it. It. In a not so. Moral issue. Comedy and you give me hair and and assert yes say yeah. You later that day care mean insert and and then back. Yeah. Yep and I say you know why now line up yet. I'm here didn't pull back he corrects. You're gonna give me this shirt back at the woody had not worked at my. Right. And so I think he got a standing ninth ready and I'm sure we're thirty I'm only out assured in a hurry because I have met him time. I. Hate it's who made the profit at. The. Do you need and where you can. And dollars. OK at Indy are right Jacqui what do you do for a living. In. Malawi we are here obviously we know that. I want in the medical field. And I can I hold on okay. All right Judy Davis being. Rocket scientists. Answer to this question it. The big thing Bridget answer yet see scenes sixers battling something issues physically and toothpick to explain myself. It's a hundred PS don't do math in public. And should I am going back to sleep I'm not doing witness it hundred dollar. So did you later what are you able to confirm with her is it you are Mac I I can turn that it's insane idea yet I talked it out steel. She hopefully. I'm gonna try to see if she can write it mechanic to depict her format that's something. But yet she is very frank about it not dealing with us this is way below my sneakers I'm Jacqui. No I don't think though. And yeah. And that in our old. Every tear your clothing idea that was really writing Jeffords on a point so you have a clothing her shirt and pants. Back you take from him. I pulled out Wednesday and I get a look at him and. It comes. It's our GM billion man. Is back as. Is he now lives. Keyword is dressed DR ESS it's expected 7881. And you explore a thousand bucks until 7:15 this morning. It Huard is dressed in number is 72881. Message batteries supplied with the text and drive. Good luck and any for a lot of. Jackie K Jacqui. Yeah I so Judy you and explain the dance thing. Hug OK so this same analogy could it was so close to figuring out and you take a shirt and pants paired together were a hundred about any comeback. Give the shirt the pants back. And then he gives you the shirt excellent finisher was written about and now. You're holding just a shirt he's got his pants back on he's got his. And and you're sure it's any guys and then he gives you thirty dollars than now you are holding. A seven dollar shirt and thirty bucks in cash so you have a hundred dollars worth of stuff on you and he's got his can't act so. You've only another hundred on the inside. A byword let me you once went to act to him he can't act on the hundred dollar bill went back in the register. So that register and lost a hundred gained a hundred. And then lost seventy and then lost their. I can't believe people there will. Yet you're if you're saying Jackie's right then change arguing with a rocket scientists have. A whole lot what oak. Bay bat if you think about it I mean yeah. They took the project have graduated college like I need it you give a hundred dollar budget elegy written Beckett then budget dollars big. Seventy dollar worth merchandise get dirty goes back to you you're only getting dirty out of that country. They'll be doing what he that you had it the hard that sort and that seventy dollars technically I didn't seventy. And. Hillary had a rocket sank to think we can't. Language of math and police are weak calculus. We can't do this all day I already smell smoke allele had I think they'd teacher on Twitter who gave him her kids yesterday and then she said. Most of them got it right and got 200 so we are competing with their greater. I'm the third grade teachers and the and the rockets it is also Atlantic we pretty bad at 100 dollars dollars up 100 dollars. Human human human do unto you know what he's about to give you need to be quietly yeah I have a lot they got all. This needs to be unanimous a year and for a 10100. Team. Jen I NT it's a hundred Kelly she's thumbs up for a hundred and comes up for a country is 100 house.