Can You Pay Me Back For Our Date

Tuesday, September 13th


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She I'll star. Here's some of the comments on my instant Graham. Post race screen shot at this conversation that. Kelly cheese head with a man that means. I didn't NATO's of those elements you didn't. Mother look. This doesn't surprise me one bit because man. What patrol. If this is what the world of dating his right now. I'll just stay single app that inning incredibly. Tacky. You live and learn he'd better start Catan some people's line and make up some extra money summer's almost over. So. Kelly before you give us any details. I've recruited. JP engine means that health Elvis and and is going to be and it the only bad part is you don't know the story now the agent. At the only background you I was a couple of Wednesdays ago. A woman named Sarah. Sets out Kelly she's on a date with a dining out all right. So. Kelly cheese is out with Josh and out for a few hours. And they have a bit. Thousand dinner they both standard Thursday was not an and then he won it in. Those year. Here's the text message conversation that took place. Yesterday OK. Dramatic reenactment is sent it to me yesterday is that when it happened yesterday. Yes haven't yesterday afternoon. Dramatic reenactment from JP and Jamie. Obviously in jobs. Okay. They hate reading. Hey hey hey. A half pop. Up. So question. And you don't know me eighty dollars for last Wednesday. You want me to bend though you or write me. Are you joking or serious. Well started out as a date but Harris said unions thirty minutes and that it wasn't. But we stayed out and I kept buying so. Food. That. And mean that that that I DK what you. You asked me to go out and you wanted to go for drinks after dinner this is a joke right. Not cool. You knew probably thirty minutes into dinner before we even got booed that I wasn't really your type in quotes. But then kept hanging and letting me by. You're friends going out this would the past. And you won a beetle blurred out you or might play mid day because that's not awkward. It's. Yeah. Cough. So he. I do. Sue van mow ham eighty facts and I in some nibbled on their way out of and always is just that got PayPal a money exchanging. Platforms like Andy's. Rabies. Yeah yeah he's babies for whatever it's just exchange of money between France it's great I almost wanted to send in the dollars innocent. Just be that way you know just just a dollar just Shana. But yes he'd teach texted me yesterday and I none for a little while terrorists analysts are on the state and any fun and I know my tight you know cash and once I got out on the date at just kind of realize. He's just one of those guys it just you know I'll block it and and asked me not really matter in mid day you're not gonna and re carted off and be like hey I think we should keep hanging out having drinks is going to be different you got any advice for Kelly or have had this happen you 404741. At 9400 we would love to hear from you know. What do you do this point law I mean I was lane down I take him out and then that's happening out fired up. Al are joking are you serious like we did means for email accounts bill I've sat up early is a jet. And Amir a nice guy and then you come on you like that and I'm not interested in pac. Does your has been polite on the day. And a and we had a good time had a we had that conversation. Is just he's not anti and I you know I I love the fact that the turnout chemistry now. The fact that he sat down and figured out how much he spanked them like beginning and in the divided ITC's at Iowa we had forty dollars for the drinks really you know eat out for the that I forty yards for the drank. Then they get twenty dollar Hoover. Well. He's checked at first. I wondered if you went through that. And I had a date and pro rated the out of a hole in the first thirty minutes maybe a chance to back. After those thirty minutes then rain rain up an eighty dollar mail here's a crazy things at any time and on and date especially weak and I have to let people know I get up between three and 4 AM yeah so I can't stay out past 8 o'clock. So after dinner he insisted on going to turn east analysts have trained and well walk over here and I said let's have one drink I've got to go to bed and thirty minutes. And he insists on another drink and then on mountain. You know. And I was I was pulling out all the stops like Arianna you kind of being nice that you're like OK and now and I didn't wanna be like an analyst nine cents a and we just. Nice about it. Sinden told Tara audience I just how different era I mean. Of the hour I thought I read out text her like hey you only eighty isn't he she just up and down nicely. I don't know CNN should not exactly what she said backed him but she definitely. Do you combat negative information after cereal like peas this is going to be just differences right and then he asked me after the date he takes a couple of days later asking I want to meet him on meet up with him on Sunday. But we're gonna work being stagnant. And I felt like he may be out of LaMont and naps while he texted hair maybe I don't know plan I think he may be reached out her feelings he didn't. Ecology action. Noninterest. Kathy welcome to the engines yeah. Which have counties and happy. OK Kelly. Yeah every morning by the way you know let this out they. Anyway I had the same problem I went out with a guy won and that have a plan and we've got a community. And I would lightly by the ballot all admitted. And they got that in the patent and that argument. He said he wanted the money back by the I knew that I Lee at eight me it. I forget it but I'm not I gave any outlet. And money back I'd ask you should have told the betterment. I didn't think it make it a but it actually target SP I think that is actually happening they Katherine you're on the tally. Hey okay Kelly technique could have been so much work on my guy that has happened. Nano it happens my brand. And he she didn't want to go to that it Beckett did he what I can deal. He saw her work and hold her that she didn't get him back. At eight they get heated on and bad in Spain or a lack. No hitting way yeah. That is Psycho. Boy did she do you do. Getting the money you might think got it you don't want a day that I. I am in your meet somebody. Hey Alley on the Jackson to have. Hey I'm and so on that he missed you know we'll turn it down. Like have you pretty much says that you. I needed to go home a couple of times you know he had a couple of drinks like. K now I need to go home at this time that that kind of looked at him cute and hanging. In now at the time and it's and. Yeah I feel I can kind of tell on the day you can tell the vibe whether both people are clicking our midst as you'd like someone hurt the person is not interested and you. You can tell right by her example ladies I mean we've spell it out for them on most. I mean in OT space I and TER ham that I am asked and. I thinks Alley thing valley. Ramallah where it's not into Matt. This has millennial participation shall be written. I got Matt. Well it is because he goes into it you know expecting one thing I mean it. That's about what guys are supposed to do you do would you take. A gal out slipped eight you just expect. To have especially if you are offering you're paying for it. And then if you find out that she's just not that into you or whatever the same years. To ask or. You know how to that back you know that's like well I played let me get it shall see. I my money back. So it is chivalry completely dead and what would that yeah I have it back I thanks Matt RI Rebecca is going to be our last on the Taylor. Wal-Mart you don't I'm recommend banking and he's. Your right of anything on target. And that it you know because bad things are back. Tell us about your year last line sent Allison was that an awkward if.