Can You Name the Candidates for Vice President?

Tuesday, October 4th


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Eight Shia still aren't. For more of them. Big night tonight guide television. Tuesday October force admits that vice presidential debate watchers that one judge takes on that other guys and America decides which of those two guys that wanted the VP. One what's his name city to the other guy will whoever the other guy is say something mean to the other guy with a guy who Webster has a name be rattled by the other guys who probably has a name that you'll just instituted and find out as the guy in the other guy's face off in the vice presidential debates. Don't miss it sport news or whatever. And I. JP I'm white student the other white dude right. I'm. JP went out because I vice you know. The editor of the rule here is and that Jeff and and share is well talk about the politics. In our in the loops segment. Which read you late morning and the news it's caught out. Whatever segment with the idea being well to give you enough knowledge eaten their work or school where meego. And now the idiot when people are talking about that surface level. Yes we were not a political show we don't talk about politics. I'd tell you who you should vote for why you shouldn't vote for someone that is in the I. Thousand other places where you can do and we're going to be won the U. That's just full disclosure. Though we know it's important. It's yes that's important no when it. However. You can now. I ignore some of the entertainment value that comes out of these a lot. And we have to. Really really. Bomb. Big. Personalities as presidential and which means I think more so in this election in other elections. The vice presidential. Our weigh in this year. And I asked JP if he had a few extra minutes yesterday to try to prove that theory. And this is what it's not who are the two vice presidential nominees that will be debating tonight. I am embarrassed that I really don't know. Pence. In Kane. Do you have a guess on the first name's Kenny pants and Tom McCain. So did you vice presidential nominees that will be debating tonight. Hence. Any guesses as well well John. So John pants and. And a non I feel cool guys this is purple. So Mike Pettit and a who are the two vice presidential nominees that are going to be debating tonight Mike Pence. And it's escaping me. Percent certainty. Forever. And less than begins at the KK sick and Trevor cases. Ports that can't be right that's not right for David Rupert and stuff who are the two vice presidential nominees that are gonna be today. The name Joseph Joseph Biden. What bus the first guy on Trump's side is Mike. Needed a name that comes up music night was ASCII code. And on Hillary's. It's. First person how much hand Burton. In our. It. So again this information out before it played equipment. Might pants news. The Republican. Nominee for vice president use I'm from stated and then Tim Kaine. It is running. A and without getting into the politics. We Cain. Held the presidential campaign. Because they think the problem. We don't have slogans. For the vice president. It's true because they say that branding and marketing is probably the most important thing about your meth or remember Obama and his first like yes we can. Battle from this year they made America great again there has got slogans and doesn't have slogans. Our office of the vice president we brainstorm. And stormed a little while after the show yesterday JP were over so many ideas you had the office of the vice president. When people think of number two. The finger at me and mind. Their vice president. Second in command. Ers and sexy. About this and don't vote the power of number two. If you got one. It's not just the pencil. The vice president. Your defender. In the worst case and in the thank god for the jobs as. You do you. I'll be number. I got an anti. The vice president of the United States. Its crappy job but number two can do. And of it all we're all just love field. And I'm well Winston authority guys. That I am an average year bring. I actually wrote slogans for the specific candidates are getting. Tim Kaine the Democrat nominee for vice president running with Hillary Clinton here's some of the ones that wrote for a to say it out. I wrote for for each of them. Wanted to make sure it was even I don't want anybody going. Oh. Me. Well yeah. It's foreign. Tim Kaine. It is plain white bread still needs food for thought. Mike Pence. If you're on the fence wide eyed and could put a campaign. He really liked Eric left. Mike Pence. Made America great again that at Indiana. Governor. King Aaron. Let's. Tim Kaine. America's favorite uncle who shakes hands a little too. Well double digit gap. Might pacts. Obviously now animals. Friendly guy. You're silence doesn't help that. I. Tim Kaine. The man you'd like to have a gluten free beer. Then it yeah. My intent. Also obviously that day. All the Republican nominee and the trump ticket. We get it. We need some canned laughter. Tuesday October forests don't miss the vice presidential debate what is that what Doug takes on that other guy in America decides which of those two guys they wanted the VP. What will what's his name city to the other guy will whoever the other guy you say something mean to the other guy will the guy who Webster has a name be rattled by the other guy who probably has a name that you'll just have to do it and find out as big guys in the other guys faceoff in the vice presidential debates. Don't miss its board decision whatever. I'd I'd Jan straight in the measured for most of your jets. May be able uncomfortable. You're edgy you're standup comic with an easy decades he's a Republican I don't know anything about it. He's a super conservatively. Obvious I don't know if you paid any attention in the campaign. And I definitely have the wall they wanna. Checkered but he I he. It came in the loose. I. 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