Can You Boot A Bridesmaid

Thursday, September 15th


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So are in 941. And it's. A different. There is not any serious situation because winning is coming things. She is the state issue with its fifth and I think. She wants to figure out the wedding party. So the will talk to her year and we are sad and check in anymore. That but will do this first before. You get the yen its youth I'm now okay. So GP in Europe Lee Haley. I want to roll over on me thinks. Pension today we got meat and counties today it's nearly. Pulled off a surprise on Jeff Frey now. But we wanted to talk to you because her story. And wanted to see if we had maybe if you some eyes and tell everybody on. More in our own bed being and then getting married daughter ma. When the page I get it actually sounds. Being laurel I'm gonna. A little more angry you. And and I mean you know everything they've also. I don't. And I mean. I couldn't against you know I think any impact obviously. On. One of homeland. Not only I don't agree with her break and that won't get on it either. Yeah. Hole it. It's really picky. What's going on with her boyfriend. Won't let them when he does turn wrong. No really why didn't he should be couldn't and it earned. The knapsack. On me and eat and why he. Do you think hum I mean we can thank you taking advantage of her life. I can. Oh. Yeah wolf have you guys tried talked to her about the points yeah asked questions or has she hinted to you guys about it. Nina and she did you know I'll bullying and like Hakeem about it eighteen matches superior engine rated. Honestly don't believe won't talk about her personal appreciate that any comment on the Joker Blake. My. OK Bob. Hang. On my train. Cheney admin summation there. It's. A question about it. So Lee why does her boyfriend affect her status as a bridesmaid in the wedding. I think they didn't overall it won't change me. She needs. To get it. And she's not. There. Are a number. On a lump along. I just heard Warren also got a plan. Is it one of those girls at our own people in general though when the girls that. It's in her relationship and raffles and that black hole like that she just. Out of everything happening yeah. Say we are bachelorette party that actually this weekend. On the me all right. That money. Toward favorite going. Meaning. We what many polling and everything. Tall and she's back now. And then she won't Monday. And and just let it hand. Court and he had to make their own things he election nineteen. I'll need to ankle. And didn't make sense on how it makes our own. On the relationship because it how can she ultimately it is the worst part and I just don't need that energy. And all my day. How this is tough but she's a friend of yours you letter from the wedding there's really no going back from the so. Well let's get you some advice and Kelly at some thoughts on what you should do and will hear from our judgment Angeles are in for a foursome or one. 9400 view of the bride what would you do. We will take your calls and next after Zain did you contention sanity for one. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta oh.