Calls on Worthless Gifts

Wednesday, June 22nd


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I'm Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how does he can't do it without you can call us from World War II 74. These 400 thanks for making this shelling out before one that. And Donald Trump giving Charlie sheen's some cuff links that were worthless but he passed them off Harry Winston diamonds and platinum. Once Charlie out of the phrase they relate yeah this is a pile of crap. So we are finding out from you what's the worthless gifts that you got amber in Lawrenceville and sending similar happened to her. I carry out great. All yeah I mean my husband got married in November and one of our. Somewhat more equipment that friend he got my husband and say well you play at all but it. How it like OK so he Disney. Those things you can't yeah yeah now. He yet now. He wrapped it happened and then what Mike his friend Mary Stuart. On they have cratered in the clinic at a trade. Conflict that. Did he ever had access to his friend and tell him that news. Oh I. Note act like Atalanta players anybody about it as well as Cynthia a person yeah it felt get a penny and are. Your cousin should just convicts to all of this turning green but the fact is there are now what could you do days. Could you go back to their friend and say hey I don't know where you've got that Rolex but I think they rip you off. Now insane yeah and come out way. And you have land that it. But I. And I'll see what do you think yes brawl. That's different money yeah in regular money. Yet he had any pressure I think he hit the people. And that like this then a lot of money but yet he definitely oh my husband. I better pray that it. That's terrible answer we'll hang to bulk. What's your story. My sister was proposed to look at it that they're coming hearing. And only discovered you know achieved its until restrict it clean. Her ex husband. Or said that you weren't sure where he about it and temperature and when that accident site and we'll inject it differently. And they call. Britain on being re all. I'm like I said this before after their divorce that she figured out. Oh my gosh so she's like no wonder he didn't want that ring in the settlement. That's eight I'd Jason white workflow saying I was pass out and Israel. Well okay my view then when he was born. It was to government. On the certificate that said that he had a temperature. On a problem in the department. Just later on it or not out of turn on me on. Anyway I thought well why. Callers and then it turned. Out like forty. Hall. There are democratic. So it's. That. Would. I think it kind of weird what are you gonna do think it's like a broker something you know hey we gonna deposit this into an account in your life. No. I guess I'd say Vermont so really nice dinner. But a 4000 dollars and are very your apology. Thanks to the college season.