Calls on WORST Coworker EVER

Wednesday, June 29th


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All call home they love to talk to you the world war. Seven lululemon. 400 Jeff and yeah so are you ready for life. To him game coming here and the second. Is Daria. Carrying noon in it tell us about the most horrible coworker. You've ever had past or present. What summer my parents made me do a job play at he would act came home from college. And we had this girl she looked. Crazy Q tactic at merchant would still stick in. We'll meet with the date she got fired. And we will give the newspaper and she has been a wreck or tried it John Beck. Extract the window at McDonald's because they got her order world if we had eight heard around who I graveyard. And she hit that he'd been hurt by. All all. Sorry I did not think accounted. So she was horrible BK is. One she is super rude to customers and you'd steal from their restaurant so that was number one night. Then she got fired and later on that same summer she got mad at another at a McDonald's. Restaurant in LA and tried to jump through the drive through window because these upper herb Anderson to order. Yeah okay so she flag let the cops and then she ditched her car and he would in while she was hiding she put the keys in the car in a blog. And keeping it in the great art they tracked it down to the guards are right and when they found their keys in about fifth. If you try to think she wouldn't drive him but if she would you know be liable if she was struck. Right now there's now. You. You don't drive overs and wow. That is horrible workers are. Am incoming welcomed the jet engines and tells about the most or. Green I'm. Are you sitting on hold that whole time. And and. But now I worked on the delegate Kurt and I had a coworker and insulate. Horrible and now that actually never pay. I always have late Dick horrible lake a gander at our actual break up her shirt. You could go around ambling watch it is going in dealing with Gertrude her right without flaunting her luck. He would. Actually dropped one point on the floor so it looks like there could somebody else to clean out I mean it's terrible. Now how customers didn't ever. You had mean ways that work in Delhi solid guy had bad. It is yes she meets and cross. And on that note. We'll wrap up these and effect. Most horrible coworker that he maverick and as our president. We're making this lynch an adjustment yeah attorney general and.