Calls on Where is This Relationship Going

Thursday, June 16th


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He's a local call Sears low. What a concept or eight year old boys so. The current Carnegie problem. I'm so glad I'm not the only one Tucson us this gray area I'm getting it's just the way he was answering. Tammy explain it to January on the same page what would I hear what was weird about that Tammy. You guys were questioning him impression. He went right at the fact. Along the fact that we questioned it means equity in their. Asking him arguably her directly and and we wonder. You talk. Staying. On. It. You. And I column from Atlanta. If your friend enough. I. I completely agree that you know I think. Even going around it's completely I think that we. Are trying to app I'm like. In his mind he expects her that something like I don't know what are you shortly questioned. If you want to you. Do you feel like we were about to reliant proposal. And then maybe now we have got to yell at me because. If we heard about it from Brunette I think he would objects. I. Yeah yeah I'm thinking about it yeah I mean these guys surprise planned for this weekend. Yeah and ugliness and that's asking me be missing something Andean Buckhead. Yeah hey I didn't. Mean to capture. That. Excitement. And and a cool. Thank you for the colony. Thank you for making this switch today Jeff engine shop on installing 94 watch.