Calls on When Your Friend Tries to Sell You Something

Tuesday, August 2nd


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Hey Jeff did you enjoy golf it's Arnold for one. The issue and their friends. And partners in new venture. Little too. How we just heard from annaly whose friend Ali. If they knew you look off and you read an infield grass and only feels like every communication they have. Whether talking texting emailing on FaceBook that's the only message is skinny she's doing a hard sell so much that annaly feels like in May be a friendship deal. They families that accurate. Italy at 100. We're gonna gives me advice from me because the phone lines are lit up. So they had in Dallas. Yeah I. I'm not our favorite in the infield and pell grant and I get plant safe bet are not a lot of debt in a great care and as the nearly Jack stand by as a friend if you are true and Ed. You need it out there that hate the court heard my Q you. Are but you're not bad. Police that Colin you and talk to you about it but if you ever are you. He's mile actually after her and then it's hopefully Sheila get panicky that they need or you're at the art. Are you allowed to say and also leave my friends on. I'm UK and me I think yeah. Every time you talk. And I cannot wait yeah I cry and whine. Eighty I I don't let Matt every and I eat and I wanna have. So there's that fine line you how she talked about and if you're and they're not thinking don't eat pretty app. Gotta take it thanks Heather did you is it possible Amelie that you are just. I'm really physically unattractive and that base and she's trying to do. I mean I'm an idiot so that at. Aides and Atlanta it's got friendly. Hey I had a friend who has been very similar attitude it's human rate term search I ignored comment it is. I'm and it would. We're good now but I can buy a product and that made it worse than that yeah that reached Bill Lynch who are you learning load you need to reorder. I danced I did nick Patton and my privacy settings on this little stronger and that you order a little bit and so that it loud and they're not just gonna kind of is capped at Howard great I mean we couldn't human breaking our great now to be about normal in. One other thing where did the guys in the product that you buy from are gonna work. Pretty great to highlight I can tweak the electric. Out. God it. All right Kelly in McDonough what do you have for annaly. And basically and that. I can understand it I don't think she's being true different. I'm really count I don't think he's been supportive at all and that means is pretty good at making fun of her friends are trying to be it independent. Woman and I like we've been keeping other women down. I mean it is a man. Think I think the expectation to be different suspended if the woman is a strong statement on the arms he is technically and I I think that she could be a lot more for her right and. So you think she needs to Piet and encourage her and open up her friend lessons. And stopping annoying to. You know I mean first of all I think need to stop her freaking out about it and her friend is a Bill Burton Joshi at a picture once in awhile but it's not the end of the world. You know see in chicken tired or not quiet backing guaranteeing. That there's some product that she's got that senate hopeful Tom. At that he's actually trying to help where you think about it. Do you Kelly do you Sal Robert an infield stuff. What that's not that that's not the point Canada and understanding that. You know and out of that thing about these ball. She could be a little bit more supportive and I mean it even even try the product. You know saying I mean like. College yet but I keep it gets you an example of and I'll get back only she could say the actor and I'll bet chicken to be so who'd like to write or call eight. How large private support different. How long Kelly have you been selling organic feel about it. That is that's completely. Besides the point of this saying that anger. Are you listening to what I'm saying because that's a lot more important than whether or not I shot well yeah but that it is designed to support your friends and try to get in balance sheet. Initially going to be really big hair. Yes I heard that probably have a huge deal that is like changing car. In an area like that inviting an act that he. You know agency. I wouldn't call her true friend at all. Which you have a product Kelley that you can name quickly that would help with circles under the eyes. Not fair. I don't I don't think you're being fair here you're not listening to what I'm paying them. I. I bet it. You know what I want to think about it not only can women be jealous about those and we don't shut it down but man can cue on the and it's like obviously. Are you guys all accounts. Crappy job or something that as I am thinking it had a baby Emily. Jealous there do you have a terrible black stops are something that personal argued that freedom market Clinton or yourself. Because that's what your friend is doing that that bother you that maybe you should think about not. Working at a bus stop doing what she. Are they are you guys. Amelie is this your friend carrier is this just another Kelly who does or does not in South Florida and field. Oh I don't know finally pounding suspected link this thing. Tell your very. Your very passionate about this you're taking it very and again extreme. Direction that you think may be the problem might just be that emily's friend Kelly is just wait to push. Basically what I think is that I think people are not used to implement being a certain way. I mean yeah yeah he died at your friend that's like trying to make something different life and nearly any exciting change anything you're just. Shutting her down. Since it is taking her uncomfortable on it you it was important like rally behind her during that whole thing. I Jennifer in Atlanta that would like to take the I gender part of this out of the equation hey Jennifer. I ate I have a male friend. It does need that same thing we constantly. Battling his life that yet we have the debt job. And it's a balance. Yet there when you when your friends say no thank you once or twice leave it alone. It's all about you know you don't want to destroy a price set by if your friend you know and I thank you know. Org doesn't address he would sit and live off and there's a lot of the good thing to talk about that. No means an arrow is working. That Kelly do you think it seems that only should just I should just spend her money and even though she doesn't want the products. It would it be tried camp all you know and England dull and don't like totally shattered out you know maybe she's got a lot that you never now. But I mean at least play. You know reached a verdict hurt if you're trying it. Lisa how are a lot of Lisa from supporting Lisa from Peachtree City. And I get morning I'd love your show but it's it's like yeah. At the fact that this is a life changing opportunity each other that's fine line between stale and harassment. Get a life get a real job are you kidding me. Well I think that's why Kelly say music isn't real job. Exactly. And it exactly and that was so incredibly true. I'm listening to this as incredibly worried that I mean I guess badgered about this time the stuff. Every day if we want to product I think that she and at all or not to be able that pretty outlook likes and the pure product. But she doesn't suddenly we're a little. The paper at all I'm not one that that psychic you know prudently cracking hair ball. Don't friend like how we chatter out of me like women to work together and I like it. The inventor. Not in business endeavors it's not my job to buy your skin care products. My job not an annuity and try to do. No doubt once you but my job as a friend is to listen making each company in what church did you wanna I wanna date you know. The supported. Of the things that you wanted to not be where I'm not a doormat com or. Okay so are you saying that like look at let's say that you're trend led. Singer OK and you slinging ads from crops are you saying that you can that you don't really like Sally in you're not gonna go support her and seen it. He hurt I am not actually called me sixteen times and puts it on my current slate that aged. That's needy it's bad Nippon she's trying to slow her she's trying to promote herself you probably eat and all the time on it at the people trying to promote them out. But is it different with best. Thank you think how many tricking you into it like. Pain and you know I'm I'm going to take on that day or I'm getting better and Americans are all the time a peek at. They can't imagine that Oprah emotional announcement that every time you talk to someone they're trying to pitch you could buy some bank. Number one I don't know how to sell number two promotion equipment to Iraq. He says we're a little hole all right and it hit me ladies go back to your corners Lisa I'm gonna put you on hold. Equals Cali has something that's gonna cover this from mines. Yeah. And then Kelli thank you for your passion and they. LA being tired how much do you think both sides made great points. Emily's just got to decide is is her friendship worth that. I mean I would say is definitely talk to her about it and then it itchy he would have been. I didn't quite talked about a hundred and turn her little support at all. All right thank you Kelly we appreciate their you being a part of Asia. All you all right if you guys than for dark circles under the eyes you got two hours are awesome and it. Amelie and I thank you I hope you're able to give you some how if your friend is on any level. Late Kelly is I would recommend moving out of state this airline is nice you could just change your name. Why didn't you again I heard. Aren't thank you very much. Hey you know I was fine married now that the respect of. Star in 941.