Calls on What You Can't Touch

Thursday, August 18th


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It's. Sequels. Japanese yen shelves are maybe four or yacht fascinating. Thing you'll love this Alley in Marietta welcome to the Japanese and sent. Right when he got what can't you touched he's just freaks you out. IAE I have to watch it every day is the alien until I cannot. And that I keep saying it's actually grow it out. Surveyed it it's bills and gets on your hand or some thing. Yet delivered out and buy it. Your Mike expressed thirteenth and they actually based on the play. It by having that epic aperture and it took over there. Delicate enrichment but to sit out that when Allie I can almost get like the women called last Simmons and Rami and almost did that. Because you can make the area and out growth since Anthony's mouth and that or leg with the Romney won. That adds an animal is yeah it feels like bless her own thing feels rose had to get adequately. You've got one that's over his. I hate brown paper bags and cardboard box I hate it. I have such cargo boxes every day to about brown you're working you do you manager retail store and yet only a shipment and multiple times a week and and I had made mainly because I know wanna touch it that means it's kind of hung tempering an up close my face a cash and then on the smell it. So the feel of it is weird because it feels like sandpaper to nine. And then it smells like puke I don't even know it makes this silly feud if you like it does hurt board now it sounds like you. Kayla incoming white can't you touch. I cannot touch and velvet or it made me physically knocked it. Maybe. We can come from. My other. In kindergarten and on January. And I don't know that it's garden. It's horrible. All. And the word on mine waste right at at English and they can get by me and I will literally run it right. Though the Louisiana that is bill that is coming back I had no idea. The Steelers and he. And an Elvis coming back from Rachel and you've heard McCain touch. It's actually my husband and he cannot touch paper towel and let their lack. On skis and had a real things that's ray. It did three alternate tires I was skeptical because I thought it was that you cannot help cool quiet and it's something about that at the year that the texture of the paper towel that he will not. He can't get to a job. What about a paper napkin late if you if you at a picnic or casual round dinner restaurant place. Need that. Funny thing he won't he won't use the paper napkin but if we run. A lot of people asking how she will not use the paper towel. And so on about. A year that's I got to and other I think about it I that we had a guy I can't I can't stand attention vacuum cleaners with her. Is cloth. Coolers strollers and and that's that I had there in Auburn Joaquin. And another way about my husband are well eight packaged like a lot like that injury. He will only during got to plot that he cannot say in the late last meal and a poignant when he drinking. He drink out of your bottom. Nellie to report in here. And it would if you go out to a nice restaurant dizzy just the get a glass of wine or does he just not drank or is he. You did this straw play doesn't have to. Attached well off. It's also regrets the glass and the table and leans over it. Alonso has. Agrees the hammer down quietly let it what's the reason behind an eight. Egypt said it felt weird and working. I came in at. As and answer thank you for that call either elevate my hand and had these really really all. They Jesse James shell sell off.