Calls on Producer David's Statement

Monday, June 13th


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She now. Or one. And Lindsay log into the jet engine shelves. Palin think. Hey guys. We ought to sell it and prepared to. David coming up guy right there when he answered I think it's good. Listening to what you're saying I'm sitting in my car and I am. I get in the quad site ordain minister you did decent guest preaching moment a rent we wanted to meet you. Appreciate their wedding that I got at church ordained me that this state would recognize that I would view with them but. Hearing what you're saying I was applying to you know let him you know offer toward the bunker and let him know that you know not yet. You know and a LG BT community that. You know have years with ice it and that's that they're doing in that they've done Christian that many people and I told you that David I. Have game and members and friends who are gay and it. It's been something that though it seems to be hot topic of conversation with the money here preach. You know what are my thought on that in Italy and that you share with people that because that might be and because of the transition I went through. Deciding without and I believe it I realized it just let me you know that my old job as they Christian if you look people. Constantly and to forgive people and cannot judge people and a position that David that if anybody is standing on the foundation of the Bible to spew hate. On that ten orbit friends that I can 100% and the end that he'd it is not smiling down upon that and proud of that and that is not. What we at all or the crisis are believed to be eating at our foundation to spew hate and so I just wanted to. Opera ending management and say that. And I love you get Hoosier person not because here. You're gay or straight or anything it is weird fellow human being part in this world together trying to figure out and it's just about love and on one another no matter what our struggle dollar what type of things are gone you're trying to overcome. Just wanted to stay powerful met this morning and jet engine cliche. Argument well this morning. Much thank you thank you so much Lindsey and Allison wanna say didn't get to monitor. I am I am a Christian and gay Christian and I know. That I have a piece in my heart about who I am and the person that god created immunity. And that the guy that I worsen as the god of love and compassion and he. Created every person. We are all his children. And we are talking to a woman last night and she said she quoted John 316 whosoever. Leaves and hand we'll have eternal life is key thing and whosoever you're whosoever. And so this is not a time. For anyone to be divided. Things like this only bring us together gay straight Christian Muslim Buddhist indeed whoever you are. This impacts every one and it was to come together and support each other. Shall we go so.