Calls on #ParentingForReal

Friday, June 10th


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You want. Jazzy Jay shall. Hash tag parenting fur real this is James campaign to take. The shine off parenting it's so easy to be an end to Graham and social media with the perfect little pictures of your children. But the real side of parenting. Is calling your dog by your child's name or wearing the wrong shoes to work or putting your iPhone in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Wade you're breast milk those are all stories that we just heard. Not keeping the phone calls going up 4047419400. I what's your parenting for real moment. Okay for a moment and partner at cern it my. Out in at all on your mom nation on edge about the bet she Elena. We what did you call him heat map right. As much as mom. And after a girl Mary in the aggregate. She either torn up. A lot about it at the parent. And and I. And again and I am on Larry yeah it's. And on the outs. Current account that certainly did see him and let you condoms are a little stretch and from the. You. I. And gotten it yet but. You know. Our magna will unit here and the. Are you better hope he finds before his friend Steve beaches. What happened out a lot more terrible Iran out on board and flip. And that's beautiful moment hash tag for real right for Ariel. Julian and Norcross. Silent hilarious story about my life. Yet prejudgment and security here in the women who aren't. And when they go to work and he gave me a car hysterically. Kind of crying and if you like my daughter who under eight. On near her you can heat your daughter. Proved I'm your wife's face. My new lending group among let me. Late dating her diaper and Hewitt got dated and it make you know an eruption of who. Other days. Over a period. It was hilarious to you this alert when it miles away on the other end zone. Or that it. Year hey Ashley welcome to the shall we got thirty seconds when he got. Thank you have good repute and tan in the back. Everything you'd. What happened or that with a complete blowout it created. They're everywhere. Our top here I'll infinite. Be. Everywhere. All the people it's a cute picture in the act in a Leo. It's. Did you have this didn't show up.