Calls on Parenting Your Parent

Thursday, August 11th


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Did you envision shelves. We are ready for a one. Question Israeli jets of parents and your parents. Always get such great phone calls on this. Because it's surprising when it happens to you that it happens to ever I can think ahead to do it when I told my dad. To leave an avid fans. He was becoming grouchy neighbor yeah and as I decided well look at like the guy cleaned up some mass story hour videos it. It's still a thorn in his side and every now and again I'll bring it up like half please joke. And I. Her term. Act. Ashley and flowery branch when Egypt's apparent apparent. And in. It. And I. No. Action. Out. At them. And I'm not. And might be there aren't. So. Happy I'm here. A tough talk. Sixteen years ago yet your parents about birth control and exit. Patient as telling you got at the time hey Haley in Gainesville things are on the jet engines out. When did you have to apparent apparent anyway. Mom and tank. Or where they'll. Each other. And it. Ought. On that. It. What is your sister tell I knew your mom about what is she call you and intent on maulana. It in daylight. And yeah I. Or at least it. I mean you need to. Do it. It. Next time you go ahead and easy to write a ref Rees. Shirts yet and it cost him firm from party city of something on Halloween of refereed the whistle on -- they got a perfect easy enough Nicole and why. And other furniture. That old saying that I. How they are not looking. Like I'll come on. When you should. Hope you have having a sleep over but don't worry boys upstairs girls downstairs. No no shenanigans. Yeah it was pretty greatly appreciate it that extra credit like it hit it solid and not my only decorated plain idiot can't. And Catherine yeah sure. Video games people of the opposite that the storyline yeah I guess that's what they call it video games thanks for the comical appreciated. The justice M shells. Sons are not before long.