Calls on Occupational Jokes that Should be Banned

Tuesday, July 12th


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The Japanese didn't show just shell Vizio. Conversation at 4047419400. Plus darn I need more law and. It's jet's here seniority out over an overt and Covert and and they need to beat me. What are your occupational jets it was about 404740194. And since I started doing stand up comedy. And two symphony. That's of people say to you all the time through them. And decent and funny isn't the manager what do you say it frees. It doesn't go too I had it for them. Three year. I and I. Now. Yeah. Every career acting on the floor. I crush it with three year old. Crap advances that. Make issued Pope. Else. I DN Buford howry. I have to tell you what. Land and nature are what looked like it or. And what it has that I hear all the time let the other current streak on the out the ring that in the very last item that book. And it and then went back to the end and ring so that a case is at an actual or street at. It's. Bands or bands that color. Rachel as one of our visitors in studios on summer break I Rachel. Rachel as a teacher. Let grades sixth grade okay and jet fuel is here. At her and I says you know that three best things not teaching June July and on super. Sing. It now they often that your yeah considering you gotta go back in August 1. And July 20. The jokes and funny if it wasn't Joseph Manchin night and not funny and it update hey Chris then welcome to the jet engines out. You guys I keep the market. Our calls but the million. It would constantly have older gentleman committed an error and they how many billion app. Yeah yeah. Says. I don't like a part time. And I. About into the bid dollars and how much homers and everything and and how much. My strength Frist calling in who is a buyer and an eight minutes. And hat scenario we have already. Public service transformers for the people who take such great care of us in the customer service sector we have banning. Jokes. When he got. Got. Might be favorite. In Atlanta at the Cutler it they would like another director. I know saying I have an other world away. You know in floating the years. And water had nothing to do it. I'm going below okay hit. Comment I'm guessing that's popular with the dad and a war yeah dad yeah that's a great managers and as yet. Not and it that it. It during what 5 o'clock somewhere yet they're 5:30 at 5 o'clock literally what you are. I thought well liked your commercial. I both of those fans think in those things you and I and David and be able to in the last. Well I have one. And child credit from people say Clinton makes pop me. Really I'm. Not. Make some talk for me OK okay your professional ventriloquist. That. I'm. It. Do you make the beauty other things that your body and mr. you. All right comment. Out America's Got Talent engaged or. Otherwise Matt I pretty much. Go at it sometimes on the. You see it in Gypsy ventriloquist. Thank you professional ventriloquist or idea of another job. And I'm not work. Got to attack it sometimes from an aspiring ventriloquist. Connie howdy dummy agency Richard W. Oh yeah. I have. My anger or. Eight dummies. How many voices can media. Violent as YouTube and now it and I going to be the guy who's one. Who's your favorite character of yours and your mental because people. That would let me ask. One ala. Like in his name amateur days. Started all right let's wrap this call up if you will you. We beast owner Dave and say you know and asked us not to make any martyred jokes about it and then we'll say good night you can started that. Sure. I can't eight jet engines show there's this. There. They certainly if let's. I'm actually I'm on yeah. Anyway. No one. People coming out marker yeah it didn't cut further people. Couldn't eventually crushed you know. But heck. I eight thanks thanks for the call Saturday arm problem. An end regular Dave good luck with the ventriloquist there. Are much. One. Did you have engine shop.