Calls for Love at First Kiss

Tuesday, August 2nd


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Best part of a back to school breakfast. Except they think it might be better. Again this feels pretty decent indigestion and shallow and still are not eat or blind. Love first hit. It is a. Apollo welcome to the shallow. I think you know. Been a British shows love at first kiss him on TLC tomorrow night 9 PM and the idea is that two strangers. Meet for the first time and within seconds it's each. Would you be willing to do that. Well I thought I can't watch T. At her house once you sign up for that. You never now look gonna be on the other side that hit it good that you signed. I couldn't be an interesting experience. Could say the word bullying. You know you never know in future I. Policies not for any things that tell us about your dating experience. I mean has it been easy for you today hard day just found a bunch of frogs and princes. A bunch of talks pretty easy to say I. Not so you get signed. There right. I don't all you hang out and I don't go anywhere Paula and I but yeah. The first. Well we had make it we had Mikhail Ronald and Michaela. I'm not suggest the minors and then we had somebody call the nominee a friend I like your name high flames. Power you. In Leo yeah it. Guy named after where you're conceived and guessing he. Didn't. AD I think that in the app that can't it be that big deal went. Deaf on is that not everything with her church and then I hit double double. I think I think I know I would kiss you because of that accents the fifth. Yeah. Since Thailand is it something you would be willing. Yeah. And are you single I assume. Yet okay what do you look for in a listener. And yet alone have the ability that some kind of action and now likely that I keeping somebody in that put things like outlook hanging on jet ski. I pack. You are beautiful I don't hang up okay. I call. Jeff Wellington command from Athens for this what makes you. A good candidate for this gaffe. I think there's talk about people we get it there and I like the commercial real play there kind of maybe Q awkward people but I. And I think you can be quoted as well and doing dining go after it and I think I'm pretty good kitten so I think let it be Simon. Maybe it means nothing but I think Mitt. Yeah it could mean something totally different thing better because this is something that they're. It's confidence that I am ridiculous I always in great need some confidence to do this glove at first test and yeah he was using 8100 complete strangers new modes. Yeah how long does the and European at a time I'm passion that's here but it can't be. Coming out of it and this Saturday night at. Seven Rami it's hats in the ring. I think you got a guy and they have to be just about right that's sort of passion with the brotherhood not too long unit. Gets OK you are yet to be respectable yet their respective party knuckle back there and reveal more. Right it's our job like this act right any visible colds or. It's not nothing at all when a whole outage after. I didn't didn't but about so it's my heart out. I David give me a favor go right down get out all their information we've got a few guys a few girls. We're gonna see if we can pull this off tomorrow morning and the month will form and love earth if the jet engine shipments. Star in 941.