Calls on Jenn's Note

Wednesday, June 29th


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Jesse James Shields Shelton Vizio to join the conversation I had 4047419400. OnStar and many more law and the. And doppler and show is about putting more. Numbers and that's what Eric was doing by putting a compliment. On the note he left. On my windshield. Jamie goes to the grocery store yesterday afternoon strategy please serious action and gates today. Note left and windshield that's what it says hi just wanted an area very pretty face and smile. I saw your what you wind died from it could get over time say hi this. In the. He signed it aired no information don't spend. No like China creek army that just says it's creepy. K and back slam welcomed in the Asia. Trade hands so creepy right. You and it's. I think all the added acting and it's great theater manner rocket out of their own insecurity. Am currently. That didn't make sense I'm like I don't know analysis. Well I guess. You know Africa I have it totally secure itself is not in Ocala jury that want an end today. So a two random woman he watched her from underneath our it's. I. Mean his Irish telescope. It. Well it kind of goes along with when guys say how life is on the buy your drink at a necessarily. You know we you don't have to what am I expecting anything because girls automatically think valley that is Revere of yours now latch on immigrants and I. And then somebody does on the nights like this like pais a compliment to a pretty girl and it can't just be compliments Hannity creepy. You now. Amy and commerce welcome indigent and anxious so creepy right. I'm. Between it. I want I think it's sleeping area flatly in that I'd rather than I. Find walking him or. Well that's right now likely I'm not trying to figure out where I'll from one part of art you're not walking a lick it realized that door. Speaking about the same thing I'd do it as a my car. That's good news in the tree. And some. Luck to have to make. Our way baby fairs a hair fell out. After owners to take the compliments at Indiana and I caved in. Good morning to my aid. Higher. Erik after the latter kind and a note handwritten note engines cars tiger about it area draperies mates Mason's mile. I saw you and you went inside awakened in time I have an eighth day Eric. Creeping her sweet Kate creeping McCree. Why do you watch you know one thing I don't watch hack you know eight. Well I have a beautiful smile not creepy that on a on lenient. But that's my back and watch here in east side name on it you're gonna have air without looking at me your pet. And then he'd probably sat and watched you read it won't wash your reaction. And all the other guys that are in the creepy because they're saying well I would never do that as it creepy. That UK equities age you very my third call. Kelly you have to as a mom opera I haven't had a question on us again got so why didn't he looks you in person why do you write the note and I mean you win the Hershey store right because he could've you could've found you get any would have had to explain the ankle monitor the yeah. And also but it that of my. You probably had a puppy in a car that easily got a beautiful daughter. Any pricey overnight guy and that's. Do you fixing the warden Venetian blinds and how badly do I. Had a bed I'll start my sing or where your face. Remember exactly yeah sort of making the switch to the Japanese shelves aren't equal and.