Calls on Jeff's Wedding Dilemma

Wednesday, August 24th


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Star in 9410. Backe in Marietta. Welcome to me jet engines show weddings not. As we walked down the dial. Think about to become a man and wife. In front of our friends our family. In front of time. Look to the side and seeing. A woman I hooked up with a whole bunch. The. The thing. You are brag once it think about how your day. I am back he should. Well as then go out and we kind of ran in the long at all and unused and like mental BA you know watching football and for the beach yeah Aaron. So yeah I get on your I own hands and let on to it's a wonderful wonderful barrel. We got the newly acquired and opinion that I will lose in a letter entitled to it. Will quite you don't you don't wanna eat and that they eat that apple so me. In Iraq and. Jar and then and then submit that it's you that's different because you just don't invite that person in the way I didn't and very mad buddy who Dan. Ron heard is that. Yes you tell your friends that you don't feel comfortable and tempering her pick and other acts. Our pick another friend my brain it's just not appropriate and on your wedding day you don't want that person I electing you're spreading. Should understand and I think that he doesn't have a hard time finding another gas to bring all. So I grew test it because fast forward a few years from now. Yeah 100 pictures rat points yeah pictures a unit. Your day like I'm very passive person. But when it came to my wet name. I let them right now learning thing by I was very firm about lake. The people who I didn't want coming to my wedding would not come to my wedding. And I'm sure anyone would understand that just exactly that careful in the way. So is the phone called him or is the phone called her so there's him to be really awkward I know but listen here's an am concerned about. I goading him. I don't want it it's Yates find her. It there's like some more. But yeah yeah. OK I don't want to hurt hey you know pull back burning paint. And it's not that I don't like her I just don't want her. My wedding I know Brit berries and in my parents fantastic I can tell them whatever I want. But when he tells her right my hands there on that message my concern is that he's going to be guy I don't know maybe so got a thing for him. You know when the reality is ours and you know. No I mean yeah. I think yeah. It really matter house she hears the news or receives that I just don't think you can be an icon hammered I call her. Barry I call him like this he's your body for a long time he's waiting list he's somebody you want and pictures and he and you're in front. I'll sell it's 10 my god they Jessie.