Calls on Jeff's Letter

Tuesday, July 26th


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And Jen shall we go. Ate pizza and can assign her just letter. Yet it's harder characters aren't aren't thank you. I would inarticulate and all hadn't seen me get out right now that the dot and it's saying he's not a aims. And I read it so much Mandela years now and I spill. Still. I think he hit it right right there and I think she does in the elite eight. But that's not ever get better. I think Duncan banked it looked great looked at pray that it. It anymore and anyone out there have been hurt I years. You knew that it could make it for a married and and I thought that I'm married and then he changed. That the chains. But he let this card and he let the remember me oh yeah they don't go away. Sure okay now. I'm not that. I'm the guy. I'm David thank. But I'll work are allowed let our Internet but I think you're scared and she yelled loudly and actually at La carte. That's so weird quite as any can it be an anchor now. But they make you feel so weak. That they everything and you. Baca all of air our energy and that may keep belly. I thought she here's your letter. And I hope she writes about the women that she can. And it. They sent a letter that that helped you get. They want to see myself I just had enough when they. Packed the things that I put them on the Portland wouldn't come get. Pardon thing I've ever had the day. And we didn't get that he kept coming happening until I had involvement parent and I involvement. Community that I lived Ben. And I don't believe such a little lucky at the amateur. Arnold. It won't be seeing that should be settlements that are awful. You've constantly on that. Thank you. Samantha in Smallville hate. Harry doing. I haven't really rot emotional moment after just read his letter this morning to warrant. Really powerful. I'm just calling to say that I know a lot of people out there and derail what has trying to figure out. And I count myself and apparently is Garnett and violet how cold and we're now hearing it's okay to be treated that way and many people are afraid. Union when asked how the first few times I was told that. You know it's not how I mean did you. Let's say and it is just took out one person can make that and they're completely changed my life you know like I need to do that. To do something different. And what was it what's the final trial what's the one thing that someone says Jeff could talk to cram and say one thing that clicks. I think everyone one thing is going to be different because there are different situation tactic what you've really been hurt and show up at my house. And just leave falling apart and how he called me ally on the part because the problem. And the. Samantha thank you so much for the call. Stephanie in Atlanta thanks for coming. And yeah. I end and that thinking sir sir that heart spotlight search AirTran. I such. An emotional and it. People relationships Orwell swabbing here. Psychological at the little cooler. Car acts manufacturer relationship. And I can keep you on that I let her read that letter or Turkey. And current strategy at play because. It takes my hand in order what's currently happening and that cast Jesse. And you just don't Nolan and a half and and it's frightening and can prove that you aren't aren't the sense there Napster and the leaders. No I only. They know how to put her in a position where she doesn't feel like she has our country needed either by Akers right as she read that latter. And they have an immediate action strategy for her. It could be instrumental or Kristi. It have to be one of the hardest thing I have ever done in my hair line. It's been a long term and I'm worried built everything on its and the only regret the situation because it will need a stronger. Person isn't anything more empathetic. It has. Given me the ability to help others. And I am proud of plant over content there was a long time condoning and like I had to sit through that are still there. Alan you know something he'll and other. It with you. Our lifetime. She will eventually find the wonderful man that would treat her right that will help retreat that spot at. But in the meantime she needs her friend and her panel needs to be tiger's diet and and I'm telling you just heard reading that letter a lot of our own is not gonna be and now she needs to have you. And only at her strength I that I there's site that she can get right to eat. All right then mayor I I can't begin to hurt he works the number of experiences I had lived. Into that shortening that the kitchen to eat and it was pure play and they get that order. Thank you for that calls that mean thanks for the advice. Thank you Stephanie. Star in 941.