Calls on Jeff's Bachelor Party

Thursday, June 16th


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Thank you for making this list and adjusting gen shall always telling people watch. Jennifer conference Indy brings its algae and how wrong she is co Denver. I actually agree with that poppy. In your bachelor party. And I was invited I would not even agree implement. I was the only girl there and dies with it. They need that you guys I was there and honored you all know that you meet guys agent Bobby there that she invited. I'll Jennifer's a brilliant thank you Jennifer see. There. I can you guys being guys. Can get in touch with nine students died hash tag team Jack lean in Atlanta television and how wrong she news. I'm Democrats on the front with a lot I mean. Opinion has. I mean you've known him forever. You know seem like you know you have a guy anyway. You know like I understand it. You and Kelly about you know hurt for equal amount of time that kind. So maybe I'll Wear but she's like your gold medal and try. And I have a pride and myself on my I actually married you wind my right ain't I and then that's yours and I would think until mark apple haven't checked her and then one. Guy you're right and that's really trying to once I. That. I think she should have the opportunity again that she walked. Everybody's on teams and team that's a pretty accurate broad equity bro. Since her even prelude parents you know would you grow as he inmates saying. Let what other things you Jim dude say. Concert concert to look at some broad language hang on. Prove tough to. Wonder if analysts here yet because these phones are clearly. Don't matter at all here's why there's more and implement broad look at Mary. She. Finally the brilliant shining like a peek in and out of winder Georgia yeah. Are I. I'm gonna yeah column that not all times and use a different name and city. I bag why are you team jam. Okay yeah and so cool that you can't talk about you'd say and you'd you'd say. No matter how cool. Yeah it. Can't dude dude dude things and pro event. Thank you finally please appreciate Ali's old bat it down right now and he's. It's magic Collins from Douglas Mel meg and what do you think. All right perfect. Yeah well it's in about Colin from Athens what do you think he can. And. I. Hey what's. And yelling Dunwoody guy. Thank you for making this list today Jeffrey gen Shia are installing 94 watch.