Calls on if Kissing is Coachable

Monday, July 25th


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The Jetsons jealous yeah tons are not before one. They Natalie welcome to the jet engines yeah. You know these kids can't sing I such a sentiment that thing is kissing it coach Campbell. I think absolutely and they're willing to let I think. Now my current wife and I've been getting in at three years and I love the but initially had a kind of talent I just kind of jokingly like. I can slobbering all over me. Control appreciate it. OK so you laughed you laughed when it hit and a basis that my best friend she said that she pulled away and I couldn't help but laugh. In the heat kind at the picture but it was it was still there and that. It's shocking though for a guy because you hate it if it happened to me. And I'm really and it's. So we know going forward and really rate at everything is well. I let that happen and I mean right hunt and I think I would be traumatized as I go back in time they give every girl that I've ever. Chemistry he actually at my neck is the only guy hit and I I knew without a doubt that I'm. On whole top god I got hurt Spain there. The bank had huge. So he could tell he was slot. Or. And it. Robert Earl. When we nickname. What's the name of rules all the time. I know but he won't. Literally dug. One drills all the time is about seven pounds. Saint Bernard same. May name his nickname is Bernard. They have Melissa welcome addition. Is kissing coach herbal. Yesterday. I I eat a diet high school and and he hit me. I am ID. And trying out like Elaine Eric I called it Olympic cat there. Oh. I didn't Lara mainly I can lead manic and really I can't unpack it and now they let go back and everything would okay. You shoved him back out even Greg and it. I think his name should be make sense. There's so many great songs about there are about them parade line. And probably get back. Now we're talking about this thing he ever talk about that glorious it was done. I was in love isn't there a mustache. Hamas that you like a must you would make our way straight out moustache is now we've all. I mean that in nearly all of that. Like eight and I may have faced an area that's novel but a mustache. All full line myself. I just as fast because at this that and Ireland and just this that recognized negative ads learn than my ironic. Gamal and you've seen it like it like it you know cutting and making its own facial hair Lavinia love about I guess if you can't. There's going to back. Yeah. I wonder I'm bad news Rachel in Atlanta yeah Alaska now. A I'm not saying it Dina to. Well it is nasty habit of common. Not really coordinated. Alex I have allot you the math and Hewlett you know more time. At bat her pretty much only. I. Term humid. Need how to not and you let it area coordinate all. Irate about it next. Oprah to say. H and show. Star in 94 blind.