Calls on I Will Never Again

Friday, July 8th


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Jen genre goes. Jane was eavesdropping. On somebody who's sitting very close to her and her very interesting sentence yeah the guy says. I'll tell you wanting grandma will never forget to set the parking brake again well. That sucks because it sounds like a great story that you never get to hear their arrest I know now we want to hear the full story for media I'll tell you one thing I'll never blink. Again for a 47419400. Is the phone number Stephanie one thing you'll never do again. One thing they'll and they are doing it never enough that I think you agree that it is that your daughter. Her. Well. Am guessing you notice from you know this from experience. Yeah and you are looking pretty negative effect that Larry that I available. Yeah. Michael. On allies go to this happened. And that you actually called amounted you'd never out of business. Cell growth. Their no. Thanks in Oklahoma and Iowa and what are your you said Douglas bill area Linear skills again. Administrators and ended with an area we've been. Meat producer. Adam Adam one thing that you'll never do again. I'll never. Stash bullets and my friends luggage when he's gone out of town as a practical. Ever again. Old bad joke did you put it it's what happened what okay first of all over you thinking. He. Oh man. I don't even you know I would have to oil on the coolest thing I've ever collect on. Re like it where is it just a moment of stupidity you know like. Is go to the airport but some bullets in his area. I mean I thought so many problems for. I mean. He brought you to court because it's. I like it it's amazing that we use our members are each other in the image it would. Doors signal more you know edited deposition. And he reviewed like on a watch. Fairly good round. Yep that's and it is totally. When you guys still talk DO. They you guys you guys are. Yet but you're still friendly. I don't regular news anyway. Somebody asked. By federal authorities who candidates a game changer. Yeah I think that I'll. Sure appreciate it. When mass called Robin how are you have now we are well fill in the blank one thing. Never like again. I will never ever. I cat okay we gave money. Child or any effort have. A lie and not you are right. And I don't need that knocking out my husband's. Ex girlfriend. And my you know little boy Trevor. You know their very being ill eat at length about pictures aren't you pretty content. And Jim Gray. And in between that. And whose. Whose visit. And grow. Definitely it. Zone and now all out there's somewhere in her phones there's. Some argument that your and it's true. Oh yeah. If you are. And I am. It's amazing. It's time. Yeah I mean it. Probably. Are threatened at great. And we ye. And winning is iPad Indians a little ex girlfriend you can give. Up my act and. And. I thank you for the cholera and appreciate it. Very. John we do so.