Calls on I Shouldn't Have Trusted My Husband

Tuesday, August 23rd


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Obviously she's on installing. Jenn hobby actually go. It's so good to be back I've missed you all and it's. Every candidate visited today. Heidi and the thing. You do and then wearing your argument at Stanford. Point four hours Hoffman and. How to read. And I I made a very thorough list but it underground and you. Specific outfits on so it's actually very funny fast forward from. Saturday to the next Saturday. And mom brought me close and equally failed at her attempt to be an alpha and actually hatched. A lot better. My favorite part of that story and we have calls through to these Bosnia is silent fear permanent storage and is on the day you told me that in the hospital. On grant had spent the night in you brought him a backpack. And he heard you telling the story is again back. Looks like you forgot socks. And his noted that. Up I told Joseph underwear baseball hat today. It's. And Eddie gets that he's done right ace that McNamee out votes. I hope my pants down father and different Adam else jagr. Like every night that he wanted so bad for you that's a good up forget something. You now everything. Believe and Douglas now. Hi good morning I did wanted to outs and our whole family claimed that they injury. Thank you so much street it. And IBM. Well ninety unfortunately. Ours look back. Court that I have been father had passed away and madder at pat down techniques. I have an inherently. Different in my husband and my father and lied about aliens and about a hundred pounds hey Lauren he would working night I chipped. Stay with ads so wedding and another bank. Oh now. Now. You did it look how well did you find just not adjusting year to pack for Graham. We cannot let technique and we did not find out until he went to interact sport relating that unfortunately he was only person in the wedding and what. There which Christine and. I thought. Bull. That's an area story. Thank you rebuffed I. Hey Leigh day in Dallas thanks her kind. Hey action a lot. A fire on an Alabama hasn't actually it Beckett I'm. Announce. Would have. External. And November of last year. Her new baby came really. We went to the doctor and they're like you know at that cash back hospital. But he had to go on the attack because they are an. Do you think that he brings everything but nothing Ali went out. I. Don't need 38 he granted you write you everything it didn't match. And nothing super important my underwear with skinny jeans. But let me let it go yet the airport I say it in China because she had our week. I'm like I'm not even the baby I'm an ambulance on the way through the hospital with a baby and he's like outlawed alcohol it without. Oh lord no Pete does at all. They're being out with and I can't help at the pump the clothes are ridiculous that it was the energy that actually. It's not like some control laying it tight day you're the one who always has a button dobbs and. It is and a lack sometimes and it. Maybe that's I'm could be a good angle for one that many pediatric cancer charities they're just the rumor on the floors of the art room. It's just as I'll go out target as there's designers. Write in Iraq and it needs to take down outfit that actually matches him and the interest. I get underwear I can't think they had Edward sack. Hey we're very aware that there. Again for your hard work every day. And Eric because it actually. Well but yeah. Oh when I'm at work in the summertime and we're in January. To work. And there are not luncheon or they didn't eat there any. And aren't I. Won the band didn't back. How does not at the winter and you want behind me what you think he had a pretty good on. And the the bunker. And it being out. I really isn't. Yeah. You're struggling to get on your kids on. It's just like you look at everything in the port and eat and they won't hurt and they're gonna. It. I. Thank you silence. Hey Angela in Atlanta thanks for Alan Jackson's mansion and. I. Had to learn not to tap my husband the late dinner he actually managed last. Should stick and magazine. And I think the Mac and he's I mean. He didn't even cut proficient by the way they were lined. And the Mac and you look crunchy. Or sixteen years we've been together I have not touched either sent back fate. Food products I have. You have kids food PT yes the. Exactly and the worst part is and like all river boy that's like their favorite Miller the entire world unlike Intel that whatever you do. Don't let that communication and as long as the only thing deeper here but I do what yet. We'll kind of sweet she's done this done now. That's what I understand show.