Calls on I Love My Pets More

Tuesday, June 21st


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This switches on a stunning nine. That's. We are talking to you if you have someone in your life you love your pets more and they love you or are you willing to admit that. You love your pets more then people. We'll see which side in Melissa is on him Melissa. What do I care like twelve years old and locked my belt and my neighbors we'll check. Little bit late it like at 9 PM or something. I would blame and I don't I don't know I get it back and locked my in a quartet. And I had no way out I have a phone with me. I didn't I can't wait to get out nobody here me not. I meant he had hired night in. We'll hone. I hate your parents retain item Sharon. Yeah that. Nobody found me until the next morning thank goodness that is the day it might need it. Get humid out to look at. And I had been there for twelve hours and I went home and I can't elect you are. OK but all that proves that they is that they don't love you that doesn't prove that they love that they're there animal more than. Later one cart dot a couple of dot Arafat and what I got out. And my parents did not leave they did not go to where they need not be anything different for three. Days until the. It. Yeah. Oh yeah. That's great that you didn't flood my god more than me for a 4741. At 9400. Amber has story. I'm talking a lot of kids I've woke up and I and how to analyze. And it would make it is picking up against her on the paint like a hopeful thing on the triple did everything that you may unit level. And it turned out in the and why is there decide grip hamsters. Before waking up. OK a dozen. So yeah yeah. You woke up you heard all the knowledge that what you're doing energy saving yours. I. Still toys are used her party's Fred Merkel thanks for the call amber. Yeah. Lots of choices in the morning it tells us we appreciate. Yeah its stunning 941.