Calls to Help Jenn

Wednesday, August 10th


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Star in 94 won just. Seems like such as simple. Issue in the simple solution that's what I thought somebody would have this parenting hacked down pat. Pretty good you are running out grated to motivated and had just a few minutes but first we got a resolve the issue and we've your iPhone you just wanna be able to give the phone to your baby and let her watch it without bush intends abundance and everything. Right and she typically doesn't get to watch bones are tablets. But she penalize doctors appointment and we've been in and out of the hospitals so in order to distract her when she's pregnant I eat and simply trying to play baby and she's too young to tell her. Don't touch screen. She's in need to reach out and touch screen so she's paused and she was. You'd go down some weird YouTube worm holes I was asking if their parenting pact to lock the screen while YouTube still plays and. Laura in Fayetteville has an expert standing by race. It's a twelve Gerald. Hey down my and I have done much you know much well you're old man's army declares you know made repeated that you act. Attached everything opening act that her own and courier tablet unlocked. However you ignorant that they are renal managed and it allows them that certain permissions like they can't use certain. Or whatever like that they if I don't brown masters played bad they don't have permission to leave it ain't but in order for them Jew who watched. Anything on her tablet or whatever act that the unlocked and hit it by came from my locker. Senator and so that means that it's a 100%. Right. Is that your twelve year old. It did much water as it is are they have little gold stars are not yet match right now. When he's suspended payment toward any kind of bring your starters go are so excited about I am looking or dedicate your little girl. And I built right. It's like every time you do no regard to Jordan produces in oh yeah I've. Major burden. All look at your mom crying embarrassing you. I ball ridiculous. Your ground now. Well crede go out when greed ego and X Rayed on what are you looking forward to most today. Robert you are at school robotics clash. I was like OK get well this have been provide a nice segue robotics. To helping gen with her found so you say there's no way. Jane can prevent her. 910 month old baby from messing up the phone while she's watching videos. Oh. And they are. Academy before Iran. OK so safe ground that will keep her from search and anything she shouldn't but. She still is going to stop that video if she touches the screen. Our internal blame China is as accurate at time. I don't play by the day now out on. Yeah because. They don't know they just reach out and touch stuff won't making reasons. After you look after you have you robotics class today take a look at the iPhone and go into settings. And an accessibility. And look at the guided access. Panel I think that might held Jan says it can eject an accident back tomorrow. I appreciate you thank you so much have a great for a school Jordan. If I. Inside secrets what could moms now and. Mean even I am so excited afterward he bagged and hope you threw. Hot if they Jesse James shell. Dog yeah.