Calls on Gorilla Controversy

Tuesday, May 31st


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You know Michelle should really be called the jazz and Jen and you shall because we can't do it without you we. It's from world war so. These 400 things to make. Just don't know before wind. Shocked at its I I cannot believe that there is any controversy around the Cincinnati zoo and the story really and shocked by it and just dumbfounded that people think. There's been a different decision made in that moment. Hey Jessica welcome to the show. Oh. I'm paying bell about Cinderella story. You have so I feel like in one and it neglect on the parents. If not they like their child at do we can never eat animals that are wild into activity anyway. And anytime they are human intervention in anything actually like it did get out. So I feel like Asia and establish your relationship that yes they can't Patrick on how to handle it and I just don't think it resulted in the bigger. Let me. There's a quiet. For human life on the line. On their part but it got here the children. If that would your track. Indy. You'd think that they should shrink it back and yet still like your child because of that response at the moment. Take effect. Acting in an interactive way I think and give them an art to. I think ethnic ethnic indignantly and gave an on air and. Getting dragged through the water its head was it was dragging on the grant loans. That's a little kid at a keeps. Neglect that out yet and core logically. Logically human life in the four and everyone thinks that way. I mean that regardless that ilk to lie and yet you know you've got a human life that your Yemen of course. But you're not animal you don't know what I like you now. So that Wednesday economic unit really really well that's why we value human life and a well. And it it added that it ethnic and a better I don't think. I don't think animals that died as humans aren't neglect are now I don't. Just like it don't like when you and I are out there where the one that domesticated. Right but yet they had one app. I hit it it'd that we can't get injured. And it human organ and that everything. Leaving him out. If not. And that unit problem that that that it would happen. That's what I would say humans suck. The code which and that meant that. And humans. Well I just debate on whether we're keeping animals and activity or not is the difference right. Argument altogether and that's it's definitely valid debate to have but what we're talking about it that they do the right thing in a situation of people sitting outside the zoo. Pro testing. The fact that they killed the guerrilla. In a crisis situation there is a human China and innocent child's life on the line and the fact that there's even debate around us it's. It's really upsetting me Smart hey amber welcome to the shallow. I don't feel for them I'm stricter law and all of that teacher. Actually it that said I have not telling nick around when. You know Becky didn't target children all day and there is absolutely our number one responsibility. To look out for the safety of children all the time. That really really tired me out and I would like to ask everybody's taken at a bigger. It hit where your child what would you have would you really really your cap and call your child by name and play and not 12 Bobby. Wait for the right wait for that nobody yeah. Sad and. Right hold your Bradford and we really need to China because. Yeah this is that guerrilla life and we need a danger and I'll let fact get if he doesn't get you back in and too many network Keller. That is well that's amazing. That's an amazing analogy to anybody with kids. Who's arguing on the side of the gorilla is imagine having that conversation if your child while he or she is in the exhibit. One last phone call Christine and Atlanta hey there she is just here in Atlanta. Without. Any liens all of that parent of that he had responsible. Because you know you got it out you know you'd have to want chat for a while not all over the place. You know you may have a chat when they used so you go out and are currently. You have to make sure that it's out there by the outbreak linked to meet its lack. And I try it in the end it or not black and cheered him. I think that moms should be facing sums. Some repercussions of course and for. Let get away fast. Also it now at stake right things and hang out and hold periods we that. I'm okay I guess Tony is that the bat rack. All right so I think it's agreed that the parents she did face repercussions OK because he cares what the re this is the act. They. In the world that we leave and there are some things and is. Accidents. And error or rhythmic accidents that happen from time. In the aces a horrific accident. Where a whole bunch of things. They could go wrong when everybody who has spent time around children know that there's it's out bronze that dark. And it happens in two seconds right and you turn around as Katie turn around and gone. And I got lost once I was a kid in our shopping mall small upstate New York. And if it hasn't happened you with wave. Lower and lower res which it after mover. It's some point you'll turnaround will be gone and you'll probably find him three minutes later. But there's three minutes you recount be panicked because that aren't and that's what happened this one. In the enclosure they've had it there for that two decades and the exact number but for quite awhile nobody has ever reached the enclosure so it's probably the axle and close well I mean there they are going to be features added to that'll make you can safer but sometimes just horrific accident in Europe. So I don't think that should be. Mean I think it's really really unfortunate and sure nobody feels worse on this planet and she did this FaceBook thing saying you'd. Appreciate the response and all that. Nobody feels worse nobody feels worse from the people who run that's to make that decision. And I'm sure that everybody. Who is directly involved feels. Horribly in which went but sometimes universe just puts crappy stuff in order and things. The issue of too many things going and she lost track when they can't. Maybe that just happens in any parent who's lost it for thirty and knows them and them. Yeah I mean. Everybody's had a bad day off day whenever she's crappy and crappy mom. System mom whose tragic accident lists on track. So our. And I'm fascinated people who are saying it was whole minute. There are accountable to get cat with poisoned arrows. Now. Starring 841.