Calls on Gold Medal Feats

Wednesday, August 10th


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They Jesse James shell shocked. Yeah. April and Douglas veiled talents if there was a championship. Why are you coming in first. How would come in first insane amount that toilet paper roll out I mean. And sweet boy that I use that term way like it because 111. The other one not 49 year old has been. The one of them seem to matter how do you change out all right well how locked into the back. And it hero. Everything. It brother you team down the Waller team over the town. And over the top. Rightly. Absolutely the only one. Anti Nazi that he announced that today. Am I like other lady enough to win. On the argument just how. High. Yeah April and well and you don't want it around the ball you don't want a man and now mayor. Our dates a girl hey Kelly and Logan bell what he went in the gold medal. Well I end apart and he can turn 18100. Dollar terribly keen egged it well. And I'm Linda met Albert reached it. Seeing that the truth skill. Island in nineteen and I think the winner during his ballot and I'm gonna get old. And how long does it Dicky Dicky do it racquet record amounts of time. In her eyes trained for the designer patches she smelt lately as they. What large it of course she is a flat yet. I can get your great click. Kelly I wanna go shopping with. Yeah that's only so much and that. That they ate it if I didn't hit look at paper here backtracked parenting that out. It was an accurate thing anyway. Totally yeah because hot you know how to score. I JP what he doubted there is a championship of banks what are you get the gold medal and setting unnecessary. Alarms on my phone I don't know if you guys know this or not but he do you have any iPhone it has an alarm clock snooze button on it yeah. But I have. Nine alarms and I have set every day now war. And what does it all for 10 AM wake up. 4:30 AM series they wake up 5445. AM. Is the old big but in DeWitt yet. I guess and trying to make myself laugh and yeah. And that you have to remind yourself eats is this what you're doing at that don't have the one set yet and and it right now arcade perfect. And I'll pretty. David what you guys. Being Mayan gold medal winning feet would be soccer I would be going out to eat and sealed it. Well you RD one right yeah regulations and I need a medal for that right now I think I mind it would be I'd and it doubles. Doubles stuffed Oreo. Because I can mindlessly. Ladies through you know the package and opened an impact. You just rip the top. Right you can peel it back yet it's like it's making a cookie froth. Is what it that it's such a bill it's what's wrong with America. America is that giant disgusting country because it cookie. Listen it cookies in the United States of America you know open the bag you're you ripped the top line you're just in from that not every coach he's exposed. And I will mindlessly. Through at a time. It Bauer an entire package of Horry whole. Hearts the worse. And about how long does it take you to narrow packets at a ridiculous hour and a half hour you'll opt for right. Convertible at the ticket the roof off the convertible yeah. And then he just called me all day swing. On. Next the united. Double Aureus staph cookies TUR mice salt vinegar and especially the kettle cooked instances crashed as it or high so I guess I'm what I'm trying to say is I get the gold medal in the. And show. Dawn ready for a one.