Calls on Gina and Brad

Thursday, May 12th


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Jesse James Shields shelf Vizio. To join the conversation I had 4047. These 400 OnStar and I need all all I have. Gina wrote a letter Dejan instead I need help translating guys beat. Where is this relationship going shift away from Brad theories try to rid itself corner man why should we just be happy right you just your nose. So we called Brad he said. He wants to be able to my house and make more money before he ever considers getting married he's 27 now and doesn't wanna get married until he's 35 so we thought that was called police I did in my school answer right that's in getting answers. And then Gina said yes one more question when you ask him. Well let's give bread on the phone hey Brad. Jana has a question Torre. So here's the question when year ready to get married at 35 is that person you wanna marry Gina. Yeah. Eight. While I don't know. It yet I put. I think there's only there's so much like between them until I'm really happy with how things are going for. Right now. But no not gonna knock them Mary Keenan. Today you're. You know in the next year it's it is. I mean. I really like the way things are gone I want it even gets there are better and it. She's great to the main thing so she's definitely someone I could consider very from. But I don't I don't I don't know for sure. You know for sure sure. That's totally honest and I completely appreciate your honesty I'd call and thank you for your time okay. Yeah they've yet I. Didn't give myself that it would show. I IdeaPad U signer of the sponsors. Who. He was totally honest. It's very diplomatic. That the right word I'm looking for a Gina. Yeah. Are you feeling very diplomatic. You. Did feel to it I eat garlic. You can talent and now he me in such a weak guy. But I really needed to hear him say you know act like I don't need to America right now I can't say now but that she's the lion and he doesn't really seem ready to say that. He's it'll practical. Yeah I would from. From guy you speak from from guys. In marina you could weigh in on this too right absolutely I don't zone and I'll. I say it's at Marino's I just don't get me in trouble. Somehow got. You know I don't wanna hitting into your loading gauge your good your game could bring your your cell. I think this sounds ridiculous but I think everything is fine. He's got a mental checklist that he's going down you know he loves you. But he's not ready to skip ahead two steps so in order for him to preserve the checklist in his mind. He's got it can keep your part of it in check which. I know sounds insulting but it is an insult things that make any sense to yeah I. I similar situation I was looking to buy a house and at a big list of priorities in my line. I think my Eagles Jesse's schools closer together I was by the house in India and the rain. As each kind of knew that was coming. Yes I get a get a set you know these big goals in your mind. I think Gina and it was a Brad Brad Brad yeah yeah yeah I think there I think Brad hasn't said a list in his mind but it's further apart than Gina. Yeah I write. Quality. And yeah guide. I mean if you do get the impression from him like he knew he didn't wanna be with me he was gonna say that are met at. Yeah I think he's so practical all big key if he wasn't going to be a few he would be wasting his time. And I think he'd true truly cares about. I think I hit a hard spot to being you know on him and I'm glad that we at least like having that conversation I had a little bit more information architecture that think about you know. Well I I I think you should probably have to file without some call him he added yeah down maybe not quite. So. I can tell you that our phone lines are lit up so will have a lot of feedback. Coming from jet engine issue listeners so you welcomed listen to all that and hopefully hopefully this was the start of some sort of resolution. Yeah what I think you get it is sort of open at apple about mark and I will definitely enough pain tonight structure book and I did look good at all. Thank you thanks for calling. I thank you for writing dad thinks her check in with us. Hey Nicole aimed Kennesaw what's going on. A well I totally understand that part that hey you know I'm young female and I don't not wait for fourteen years. And you know I totally understand her wanting to have that yet the reassurance. Yeah but. You know at least he has personal goals he wants to make sure that he can take care of whomever he ends up well. And so much can have an and a leak much plus a year and you know the fact that they're just add a year there's so much let the they had to accomplish. As a couple at a young you know young adults. Before they can make that next step and wait what scared me listening to that is that she's gonna push him away being aggressive like fat. That's right that right there Nicole is why it. Everybody is saying they're afraid that he's gonna get pushed it way right Carol. Yes well I mean I had a conversation by the hours or after that it is seen each other. For years everybody was pressuring them I said all I need to know that I'm not one of those mother if they're the woman you future future wife. And he said to me yeah. But I have goals and they're going on sixteen years now as of updating and that was good enough for me. Everybody. Honestly everybody calling this morning is on team you'd like everybody hey Whitney. Tell me. Which account or you don't drink I don't do it frame that you know I'm not going to be with him in five years you know. Taking the focus on herself to focus on your own personal goals like he has got a good act. You know because you're playing for your future because you want to provide security for your life where your future family. You know he organized when a Russian something marijuana when perhaps. And I'm really architect Rebecca wood that I love my example I think that we could have got a lot of minutes later I'm. I. Coffee I'll just say you got married at 25 and you're still married to the guy. Yeah I don't take it that he's married now. Okay because that thing about it is we we needed to growth separately got it OK out to have a better relationship you know I think we went through. Things that we didn't have to go through you know what we are still becoming adults. I'm so glad Whitney clarified that can be get back that we district two really I know how. I knew my way the Japanese and show crushing romantic dreams to an eight day. She now. Or one.