Calls on Gender Reveal Parties

Friday, October 7th


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She's running as well for a yeah. Extra comma early enough. Just intention on zoning people in line. I'd welcome back to the jet engine share of Sally. Hey if you could just give us a quick little 2032. Recap. Of why your colonists that it caused. There was that I heard earlier you said it he didn't want to go to the gender reveal party and we need that kind of hooked and it better both sides of the college I can't defend. Because I had four and they've all been better than. And I think that they're just a little eating away. Had to share with your family and friends and coworkers to neighbors that you know what you're gonna you're gonna be bringing you the world and it's great to have. Catholic party and it will don't. Agree with. I'm my question for you and if this is inappropriate I'm sorry but I'm asking anyways how much will use bangs. On agenda reveal part. But now you know I. You would usually the most expensive saying that and saluted the one in the ballroom that was my top. Budget. And I guess I wouldn't I tried to go over it and over that car and now. You can do about 4004000. Dollars. And that's just for the rental car for the whole party. It. Just about eight and then they got you feed everybody in light is invaded his bruised and from you know I don't. They don't they don't alcohol because they can't get there. Or so no alcohol probably have to hate you usually have you know like little sandwiches. There with these that get tickets early is something confirmed. We are this and I get I can't believe how passionate and getting a gender VO parties. I just wanted to let you know on this scale of celebrations. A celebration that involves. Little sandwiches and no booze. Hey Mike what it's like 130. You're at like 46. Oliver yeah. Well at this point of the polity you know it could celebrate. I'd be an even so are you yelling your eye of the. And Jeff that most of the gas Sally at your party are people with kids and neighboring markets they. So where we yell you get a little more used to parties without alcohol as the more children and she. All right thank you for times Alan. You guys if you don't even I didn't want Colin you'll have fun. And you're constantly thank you a teacher. I'm pretty tight race and it really sure I'm sure there. Elaborate because she sounds like she mr. calling. She should be and actually party plan I'm I'm no worried at myself. For how annoyed I am. I got governments like. Mad at your own emotions I met that man. Because I hate it's urgent Arab parties that spend that much money on it. I'll but it's like her assessment that and like. I Becky welcome addition. You're hacking out. I'm mad that I have also 8888. But I think what is money. Here children carry an advocate I. Couldn't. Think it. Been invited and urban I colonies on don't say that you're getting it fixed the rights. I think doing a video that went viral as a maybe Stanley and reveal video with the big deal and realized and actual events happening there outside of in close equally. Parents Amy welcome to the shall. I guess I won't permit. I thank you know I had to hit and I don't even like down the baby showers. I would. Almost like I don't think Spanish words are and does he won a shower at the appearance of resonance in books and new baby clothes. And a baby show. But this is in addition to a baby shower and gender reveal party or is it a combo now she said we I was just finished our. Recently in addition to him how. Backlog of this year how. And I am mom I eventually settled gender of your party and the only people who like tender their credit are among the trans am. May you. Community binding not know that this is such. It's finding that all the moms and in the Ariza serving. Myself. Everybody them Magid log into the shallow. I'm good right now I'm okay and I'm feeling very let down and come into the. I'm Eileen and I'm up there as you're Irish you know it is how much like a wanna want to count up and. I didn't really generally don't like our daughter but I didn't exactly and I completely got. I AJ. Let a big match in the way the time the only outside yeah let I'd rather do it NDE maybe surprised me by shelling out. Obviously that's called how did he know what ballroom that you were infopath decorated and then to have them in Cambodia. Now my mom can hold saying an alleged sociable one there in the backyard. Maybe that's maybe that's why I'm annoyed because all the wedding planning and all that. I'm like. Why would you do that yeah I got the current product. Or any got to turn your radio all the way down. Eight Harry are you could be the last now. What. Well. At the debt ever built are you eat what might that. I never been to go where. You're not. And I kind of match you with the boat. Yeah. The ratings at or out at all eyes. I don't are ignorant know I would I haven't let out. How. 4000 dollars was just further room. Clearly again it out waiting earth would you turn back the whole party horribly that are. Bet you would she didn't bet you I would let the way out there. Yeah actually did you know and even do the math to figure out of some under stupid sandwiches or dump any forward and it. Had. And not go from being rich with a. It's spent Armani fashion line should've asked if there's chocolate fountain of there's chocolate around me field. Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now.