Calls on Eating Placenta

Tuesday, June 14th


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The justice and shelves. On spelling I before one. Would you just about anything from my children. After I don't know that I would have been able to do that. But eating your placenta is Nina. This isn't real thing. Todd jealous wife is floated ideas. And it comes to be. And I have heard of action occurred. Kelly Collins from Athens good morning Kelly the anymore old Al Wagoner jet engine cook. Oh. Eat animal their pay and well that really saying women were born bank. I am playing them all back and I remember watching intently party in some way they have won the next and they had at it than that per cent and made it into maybe I. Mean the end bank and bank that the them. It I don't know anything of media TV ratings. Yeah. And they are tight hard and wait it theories saying they get that it means that it would have an executive. You know kind of mask it. What do you know share. Postpartum depression is very serious and if you can avoid it and before the hard. And little central committee Ed I've got. I'll leave you stranded caller right now though the Frontline I had heard about doing it for Easter. Then. That. And how. Game. I Jalen Marietta. It was pathetic talk with Japanese yen. Its servers are topped the high. I'm. A lot of heat and light in happily ever and taken him so where Mon India and. How are ready get it into the L whose job is that. I don't know what they're actually on I mean it you actually consider doing after that make it out. And it. I. If I'd question. Myself for. What does it look like. Like that what's it like in the till four. The placenta and political excitement with the Al look at. A figure that I've figured this. It looked kind of like a stake. Like I think art and that like a credit panic image like a unit like AT get out and like they. Who is that for that as. Fact. He now I don't know if I gotta be asked to view it they it looks like a Tivo is. What I don't about it is that it really is what gives your baby all the nutrients in Mair and I know that you can listen to radio which is that when it goes underneath the baby in between the baby and get out that can be really dangerous. And I know that your to deliver if you deliver babies and you deliver your thoughts and our. Up until this point I diet I truly thought that it liquid jellyfish. It I'm guessing any time yet. Internal organs out they're gonna look like job if she so they got liver and a liver looks like and our heart looks like you know that jelly fish differently remind them making him but he really. I show being. I mean come from downloading morning. Mining area. Yes. But I had heard about me you put income credit expand. And act little deeper less on the I read it. Yeah out what you had to come on the island of cap on the Internet and they do well. We tell examining medical community who can tell us is this career all your real health benefit to do it. Or is it just lore like folklore and. Tonight Mo that this conversation. That really wanna the only person that we really know that is eaten up with sign that he is Kim's health. So we'll try to get her son daily caller right accident will see what was it might Nabil Omar but we'll try to get him on and see if she can. If she wanted and she is going to be it will help time who wanted to know what does it on gesture for animated and out. Pete. If are making this wedge and just show shall turn eight or.