Calls on Disinviting Someone from the Wedding

Friday, May 27th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Jobs so people. So to head and traded Oliver co workers to her wedding and then one of the co workers quit. And after co workers out of the building everybody else there's talking crap about this person saying it. Yeah mired anyways if you steal and bridges to Albers and and she has stepped on invite that's when coworker who's been texting. Changes. Do you see an invite somebody are at TP everything Michelle and Dallas any suggestions. Mary Mary. On. She did you un invite her own mom from her wedding. How does that how well. How does that happen. Well. I'll be. Kirk. Our. Kirk. All mine and well all our. All I hope that my parents. I got an upcoming wedding and apparently they don't have to shape up to Donna Debra in Atlanta are you today. Tell us how she should un invite summoned from one. You auction but. I'm writing. Letter. Not a text or email and personal attention. Sheikh there. I'd to street between workers. And there. You act lightly occur here yeah drama ever agree to be at peace at that. It. Let her into. The history and the current tension. Bet it would be better her. Not to comment on the way. It. Should. Say. Lightweight and chic and pretty tight at the time. Is more polite way. Pretty papers 2000. Yeah yeah. If there is an ice station there yeah. And stationary makes at all or flat well I do think it's worth a phone call but the delegate Eleanor would be nice follow up. So you can't let rate and a napkin what she doesn't get. What you mean like what does it gets a letter can you send a stylish as he senate and a against stationary but do it via lights are fact you me and I'll. I replied receipt detail what he got came in common what do you think fugitive. Yeah it does that you patent and are more RE eight he. And her and her Graham had it cut down on and. He came. Yes. I am well and the problem is my share Mora hit that aid if if that was me I'd be like. Why did you even invite that many people. Insane. You never expect to have that many aren't EP IE and by. And how you can and as that half of the friends that get on and I. That doesn't matter you're still saying to her. Hay out of all the people I invited you're the one that I kind of didn't want to come. And say you know we had a look at the list and you know my agreement I am or am I O. You know it together we as the people more and art collector and an art at the end. You know they had to cut down and there were more than it hurt by it. Your cold yeah. Cold cold hearted. Figured cold hearted Kayla income and I think it social makes that almost impossible brightly as you know we have still seen on a reset icy silver in the basement of parlay most of her old co workers well and then they talk crap about her. She's gonna see older pictures that she's the only one. Thanks for being a part of it. Gel so I know people want to.