Calls on Date Failing So Hard

Friday, August 19th


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Itself. Star in 941. Kelly she's at this very loaded down and a second to Kerry and Atlanta tell us how he works so hard and failed so bay. Mine is wonderful Hudson's surprise to me well it's a beautiful stress to the remote location in Mexico. When we need parents he flew in my sister and hit it to take care of the kids. When we get to be at all and it spreads are trapped. He has had gone into buying. How net. This guy and we have to spend thousands of dollars on a lot and we get to Mexico they take it on the what on remote area to the mountains and we're gonna be brought to so remote. And then when he's finally hurrah it. We met while I'm at our children so much we practice squad comes in on a process just had no clue on how to stick Carrick young baby on her own. Oh yeah hired unqualified sitters. Yet they got notes politics aren't elected. On the night and do this icon when their sleep and more like a salute until. So not only do you have to pay that gazillion dollars per year take it to get there it and other gazillion to get you both home early. And that could be the greatest question of all time to add departed I've brown and when they're asleep. That is usually as you know you should it's that is now. Yeah and they put their own. An irony to go back to the very first part of the story you told us. How does he forget to buy a ticket for you win the trip is a surprise for you yeah. Because he's bought my sister kicking his sisters take care and keep spot behind cute chick can spot. Sure as they don't want towards a stick around. That popped in Maryland. Thank you for the call I carry appreciated. Saying you yen one go horribly wrong. I did this is years he had his upper state and I kind of knew a guy who are regional and mutual friends I. And I mean physical evidence entering and ever spoken since and I'll be honest I mean he hates your immunities. And I don't think to tell that when they say were it to dinner and a movie right and you wanted to have a surprise adult and as a surprise dinner and it was on line and hit it off. And then he wanted to take need to movie where he says that. I would have done lean on him you know and and I think it big strong man protections will meek little girl right exactly. But I hate me I don't watch them I won't do it and this on them. Particular way is. The hills have eyes campaign which is though worse scary movie ever because it's rude all in this have you seen us. Right in glory in horrible and I was her right being in the movie theater in Hannover he looked battlegrounds like this is not okay and I'll laugh I'd come on I can't sit here anymore. I have to believe I'm so sorry and myself on of the time nothing's I just sat outside while he watched that the rest of the may be no he did yeah. Do you that's. Why he wanted to watch the last you know 45 minutes or whatever that last and you say this is a first eight misses the first eight. And I sat outside of the movie theater and had no phone I can might just troll and Graham are now are anything like guys are thinning hair mortified. It was terrible tell me it was also the last eight million I I'm not spoken to him since. So. How. Does that I'm will be curious as to how that conversation even goes feel like I can't take this anymore. Is it okay we farming out here at home. Why I have my because any any time something scary happened I just don't watch it and I don't really like the noise but I just had my hands over my things. And I was sitting and I started its Europe cruisers on really terrible scene in that movie. And I just started to tear up and when he looked over and saw me crying. That was my ex like you on and it really he came in I'm gonna go instead outside. And he panelist coming at you on this day and and is then asked me I'm never talking to you again. And it really. And really tremendous that Jesse James shell. Dog yeah.