Calls on the Crazy Ghost Hunt

Tuesday, July 26th


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And then show them. Hey Tiffany welcome to the jet's engines now. Trying. What do you think. Well it doesn't really make any sense that hey this is he saying now that she'll hang out with hammers get a copy each. But women brand why can't see a ban that went she had her boyfriend at the time Aaron also he'll literally was happy. About his girlfriend not being out here into the act on weird you know do you baton. Right while Jen called he's just being a play I don't have. That's exactly right I mean that's at it and it turned out not everybody an at bat because even that. And then I'll turn Erica thanks Harriet EE argued that that the couple. Now what about it just seems because the initial interest was as if he was single. The question is oh what is our obligation. As the ghost hunters we've never encountered this before right we haven't had the ethical debate rifle are. Lucy in Atlanta what do you think. Hey. I mean even I'm that kind of. Friends yet that hole there might call. You found dead like you had a great catching each are slippery slope. I mean we know it turned to who really knows her motives it's shell energy being honest I just want closure. What have you it's like what you that it should do it. I'm kind of like you know as both parties want to land there on time ally at about it and. There's consent in both ways so practically speaking eat it aren't. Really like. He's on. We're not the responsible parties they are is what you say. Yeah I that they are you know it. It is catchy I agree with Q Lydia diet I. People are can and teach you bit. Learn your throat. Goes in me give it the number column. Yeah yeah that's my ball I think I don't feel comfortable I would feel comfortable doing it either. I thank you for the Kyle can you just say you know Jan you'd taking the author calls to write that that was. That's thirteen for game today and for offered. Kathleen Logan hill. Hey there. Thank you not get and template called he technically an ally and he that a relationship committed relationship. If it in your own then if you want to get a call the armed could have called it and then optical and should be locked all the and that's how I'm mobile. I didn't maybe that's what he wants maybe he wants in Jesus drove overnight she needs a new friends. As many miles and miles away and a I didn't look at how great. Answers are I hate pageant and got. And that they just were out Gloria than since they're better at being negotiated you know give the number out. And yes. It. Because we did presenting we have now where I am the number where it's 41 gives us seven counties. Area. One hour from Iran and Ari. I should give the number to the girlfriend and let it go pretty good side. I. Holding column. It's. It's. That he got nugget so now it and then keep up their bench you rob Bartlett. I think you wanted a different house. One voted for the girlfriend. We've got 23 gives. Seven that don't gives them the way everything is going to and it looks like. That we are giving. Kelly that number. And then it's totally up to her. Whatever comes of it but. If we're letting the people decide. Does it it looks like we're gonna count the number. Had. I I second that. Okay. We definitely were a lot of follow up with you now in fine no war. I know it doesn't feel right I'm aware that appeals we have. I am no it doesn't feel. Violently year's bracket bracket these calls and good luck I'm in the vicinity. But. Hey. We will be intact thank you. Yeah. I I I don't feel not feeling good about it but I'm just saying. I don't it's not an eight unless somebody has that Allen reason. To lie about this I won't give it I will give it to her for 24 hours. Because then it's 24 hours for people to give us an idea of why not give it dealer. This isn't teaching thing for her she's been out of every year all right 24 hours 4047419400. FaceBook. Or Twitter or whatever. Give us an excuse that we. Trying to do the right otherwise if they really found. Just intention of those settings. And Thelma. Our rocks and you can be one of the last calls and as we just read ghost hunting for Kelly. She tracked down Brandon recalled brands and she's now a single. Brand in that still has his girlfriend. They lived together they lived together in Savannah. And they still want each other's numbers and we're having an ethical debate on whether it that we give them. And so are its. It towards yes we have to not attempt regarding agreed we need to compelling reason not to give it now the only thing we have to have a compelling reason Iraq's and I audio Roxanne get a dog is about some karma. Well yeah I say OK yeah I can give her the number. I turnabout fair play I mean would you want that. Her if she was gonna relationship that would inning area. We can't end well did you know that he's scared of her and her relationship. I mean I guess you know yes even at her that you know further. Short term but what about the big picture because how would she feel if that's what's happening to her but wouldn't you want what you want it. Let's hear what if it's would have its love. If this is load. I mean it could you love it. I mean that between the two of them but I'm just saying that you know she wrote on the other way how would she kill somebody did her relationship. Point. Els Smart. All agree I Smart all we're looking for an hour compelling reasons you get in touch with this. And they weren't social media consent is he now if you go up with a compelling reason why we shouldn't. Give her the phone number. And we will take that advice movement and the decision will be made sometime in the next 24 dollar and got. So yeah.