Calls on Con Artist Ghost Hunt

Wednesday, August 17th


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He's set to star in 941. Yeah. Katie and Carter Israel has a strong opinion trying to match you. Grew up. Moved meets girls and then pretends he has lost his credit card and force them to pay for the eighth that they have together in the works. Good morning guys I think that all that but how. Gil is doing anything or go. Into that at that out here. Illegal. Then the argument can be made it his retirement as earlier there have only cheese goes to a bar. And flirts with a guy in order to get a couple of drinks and a shot out of him. Right but she knows. She knows that night. And that kind of I. Think I outright stealing beat Carl and that illegal. He can't be that when you walk on its way I'll. Well then men met some that we area to debate the moral the moral code I would be interested in the legalities. Of the again these women wanted to press charge. Could. Alex and have. I don't know yet I. Stealing this isn't it you'd. Does it seem totally. I hate and and Lexington. Now you can. Hey thank god the dirt it's wrong what he's doing and and I hope one day somebody you know karma come back again and by another year. But I also on I'll let these women that had to think they're being stupid. One date is that accent at all regret our error out and I don't know what gone home by multiple date with somebody like that. Coming come on how stupid can you believe I actually really. I see why today elude you that you had no credit card intellect and you know the whole sob story that they you know what you wanna go I'm not what they somehow are better. My thought was with him. Not having the stuff. I would figure that after the second day girl and Oliver friends like he's broke. Yeah I wouldn't I would have caught on the first day you can be like I maybe legit is is our that's dampened whenever. Yeah he plays on a whole scene Michael Mann I got a call the bank is an idea shore my second time. I Naomi and Lanny you relax on this cardiac. All know you know yeah I had argued interacting the difference between. A pretty girl or any girl bird I thought to barring yet saying that someone in my drinks and the I had transited acne wired or whatever yeah. And people that era approaching know that maybe that person is just trying to get her drink and pinks written songs about like that it's nice the differences. When he did that get card it's kind of like when people don't scam elderly people or what not yet but Craig's list years. He was trading. Valuable horse terrorist or money so to me that's where it becomes a scam or illegal because. You know what I'm saying it again yeah they work. He totally did a 100% right. Whenever I say this will be the last caller knows needs to hit and I have Lindsay for reals Lindsay and hackworth you had the same thing happened yeah. I I yeah I didn't so we went out to dinner whatever what the deal and he's eight totaled four jerk. And packaged told him I pay for it I take. Then hand back to the later and I'd like that guys are real jerks right so here you know I'm gonna ball. And side left in the pat and I know. I'm going to hug him again we'll just see now that's nothing like what we're just. My guess they should listen to myself that I act. Play one more will work. A nation if the Calif. Yeah via great. Okay an edit in about a crazy and I'm probably not that it's nice it's not going to be any crazier than ghosts and yeah Rihanna and now. They get an idea at a later at a restaurant and are alien accent battle. Automatically look like. A we are talking and you account. I knew about and why it died it. Oh my god and he leaded yeah he was going on a non not about it and why do diet his daughter won him the I have been as. And my girlfriend and I were out of out of out of the Atlanta area that that. And Turk probably. And certainly where there are a couple of days and it turned out. That and I had drank a little bit my. And you kept under Ali Al my back pocket. And then the next night it that I wanted to meet you dinner and you know 100 dollars that I didn't know he felt I united got hit them. You the hundred dollar paperback. And I look at and I found out my debit card tournament. And he had charged an Powell. That's in hundred dollar. Random saying every leg vin and eat health unit apartment is going on there I hate you out. I am Wednesday so if so far you meet the guy. He gets solidly you've been uses gravity about me and clarity or whatever but he takes a hundred bucks on your pocket in you know hands and then seek you out to dinner. And then after that dinner you guys are gonna opera whatever. You fall asleep and he take your credit cards out of your law. Actually a good actor and bit at John that he worked back. And let her buy and the and because I didn't mean I had like my eyelids getting Wright Ayers went an app and and ticket out of my wallet. Though this you don't and they go hook up with them and crash and is out. How does your friend ninety. Didn't behind them. Like underneath the bar so late I get you know a bartender like reached down and Brad suffered under the bar. He won an end and let them out of my wallet. Now and so. Yet and ELD weary wary of letting in here like I'm in between eight there's. My apartment getting set and then. She asked me as that helped pointy after the EP my hat I'll point again and three weeks. In a hotel. And I by red flag and it is I don't think that'll. So I got to the point where I get to try to dot I know I like Dell and started threatening me started sending me threatening emails. How long was how long was this a little many relationship based that your at a town. It wouldn't like let nearly eighty everyday and I when he like it was really have to wait instead. Flipped it kind of light. I get a slaying of treatments and during an accident I had we never we never did. Any thing but they got the point where. So what if I want to the end Utley is ready and they're going to jail for the end of garbage out only your credit card. And he had done at thirty and other let our iron. And it dates to 1990 very. And that and that he never have a life he died. And it and he wasn't looking. Back in 98 he claimed he was. Got there and you think of the word the technically dead bodies we. A matter so he overs so. So Dat Nguyen did they find all these women today olive filed reports that men. Yet. Hold every ran out of white and then the last. Here and there whereas there are sixteen about the report and tenacity has a sentence that's as well as. Out of here zeros even Australian who is that made whole future. And I even standing out. Her. My yeah yeah karma is the real busy every amend outback. I don't know. What. Okay thank you so much for the call yeah man. And Yahoo! star.