Calls on Bouncy House Dangers

Friday, July 22nd


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Engine shop. Star Eddie follow our name Madison and woods I think her own jet engine jet. Diet. I did I call it tell you you are absolutely right to upgrade. He. Eight crazy idea how they hit creepy. Handle and could hit an album that life and a child can not and punch me down nearly broke. If your car it's theory that how I'm sure that we're at now you don't know right. And in the day and a whole weekend has room for your parents you know back but I this is selfish decision okay. I want to really did I yeah I wanna do things with the rest of my weekend. Not what you ER. There is something exciting and about spending the afternoon and urge you know it there and not and so you have done it hey Kelly in Powder Springs ex jet the bouncy houses suck up. And my sister is down eight bouncy house slide helping her younger spying. And Brad current health plan. Because another kid slid into her. Kind of. Yeah she broke her album because she was an Angel. Well people are in when a caller. Think it hit an accident. An odd. Couple and he is. Bouncy houses are dangerous and terrible. Oh. They really hate and Swanee. An ugly act in Oman I bet they are more late round injury a year that there are now how does. It isn't part of being vacated getting injured. Absolutely. Hooked up. I mean it does sometimes learn the highway to grab and it came out and bake it into a story. It is not about their childhood. Is not about them having fun and joy and laughter and bouncing and shouting screaming and having the time. This is about my weekend this is about this is about. A ten minute happy time from wicked bounce around in the rest of the weekend I am miserable because we are nursing some injuries so stuck to her. I think we're gonna find the family and growing. I don't know I I I don't even remember if you're Tyrod is on the Aaron opt. I don't even if you told the story Marty again on the I would again what is your big plan. And Brett and grants. If you're listening right now with Lauren in the congress it is time for you to go find another radius. Who have learned his package and the plan by unity at a birthday party. And at some point they're gonna announced the bouncy castle is open yes and you're going to. I'm gonna lure her away with candy. And sugar and chocolate. It's Jesus Holland so and I typically don't encourage this week Saddam mommy's going to be equal mommy tomorrow at all this week. And the Buick. Or any and a bouncy houses in bouncy house your. Suite of she won't care about bouncing up all. Where's mom. Out late battered youth Astec parenting for real. That's for making this wedge to the chest congestion. On czar not before one.