Calls on Being Sponsored by a Guy

Wednesday, August 24th


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Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James now on star not before one and. I don't I don't know why don't like the word sponsor and having her attendees and responsive and it. But it's basically women. Who use the generosity of guys. Do you get things ever generosity. It's an ulterior motive of guys. We are watching to brag about what you've got sponsors ladies and by sponsored we mean you flirted smiled you look pretty and the guy just a Tia. Abby and coming it what did you get. Just for being cute and flirt. I just minutes from bay deaf and Raleigh and they get unmarried woman my cure and we would go out my girlfriend and I would get really dressed up. We go to the crap table and we would just stand there and then we think we're lucky they started admitting that they would have a step by bad and then they would give us our cap their money. When they let. Suite of being blocking yeah yeah so we intact its attack ads. Don't. Which you like CD their husbands were when you married at the time in Europe there. So you would just Sadie your husband I were gonna go to casino and it makes money. It would be willing or able other top. I. I'm Shelley and accurate to say I. What did you get just for being attractive. Actually I don't want to look at our record. He was that hot these guys that you and. So I was that are working bench and and I I am antibodies during the year cleared. Without another convention I again I don't dinner Charlotte and here now. Oh really how we see that I know it's that doesn't count and I'll that it close you just me you wanted him but you flirted you've got them. It doesn't work it. Hitler flirting with little. Gun because he asked me how back. The other way around. I I do like her bold move yet that's a good but it that yet if that doesn't it because the sponsor of thing Kelly knows when she went into the bar. That she's not gone home at any of the guys and human lives not in Asia and have the girls can be in relation whatever she just knows that being pretty and you. In thirty with a guy that's going to give him like. Exactly imminent. Like like for example might beyoncé who just so far. With her other attractive brand it has a nice and the meat from a profit. Katerina. Say hi welcome to detect heat and channel match till one time a guy out there were a better and I told him that I couldn't. He did at bringing the state in the old that are and I model client and our place and I called the pilot AD and we eat at the bit. I okay yeah. I use of third and who. As code checked out exactly your urges that you wanted to do you in McAllen Ito ordered all of that he had to come in and eating it. Well I am so jacked up. And actually in Roswell. It's sponsored prank. Now I plan on a one day I think I let somebody setting up lead and he invited me Q you are sitting. We have the talent like a millionaire. And I want that really answers but he wanted to meet him Bernie you heard a friend's little. Yeah green lantern around and we went to New York clinic. Indeed you didn't do anything. Yeah. It's that's baffled by this on. A culture can you. I think maybe I'm just too cheap to. Well I this is going to be in the practical this is a good segue into our friends who. Was out so. I'm Cali and I have a friend who was. OK you give her name they they Wear. An Alley that rates geez we're getting married they're innate that make. Eight. You know Rachel Rachel getting married and so she's doing a bachelorette party in South Beach. And in May in Miami but before they all went everybody that there's maybe. Half a dozen people going to match everybody that knows it was all out. I'm in Atlanta and I before drink inhabited it uncannily pre party before. The bachelor smaller and smaller group left one of the girls are talking to a guy about art and music flurry of early though these. Votes in she's no not going. Mine that because it works. You know craft mop and by the time I found out that could go. That it's Richards and he got his phone off her ticket. Following morning fly from Atlanta Miami 12100 dollar and. You're hit Dana. Twelve quarterbacks and Jim do nothing except just chit chat with Mac yet. Perry you know how if she knows him well when you. And believable. Hate Lindsay are brag. Okay well I was kind of a flocking around my and it just where you know get old fashioned pork brought problems. We went shopping. And I want him I was looking a little rivets on up or whatever. And that. Means you might. Actually kind of browsing would you like what I like. And I think I take it home beaten up in I'd say thank you know what order saying I get home. I have been doing that now like some guys that you. You're hitting. I'm absolutely not that. Yeah. I don't know about all I can definitely it would have been about ball flight out. How the. How much how much did something like that Ron. All right I'll mind. How high and what are your husband say. 00. I'm kidding I'm. Aren't meant that you can be the last call because you just one human dignity act on its lottery. 10 my god it's Jessie.