Calls on Ask and Run

Wednesday, June 15th


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It's just it's. Starry eyed peas or Lima. Some segment is called asking Iran. And it's that we don't have a voice this guys are on the share it Rio title that she's a different name if you unions and then my private. But ask Enron as is always read ask a personal question. And we don't do any follow we've got thirty seconds and then you just hang up its defense against snippet story you know speculate for as long as you want he. So that's kind of the I think that was the idea behind and we certainly do and a few weeks ago and I think at today's asking and we need that sexual healing music again. And yeah. And a killer app that I. If. And I won 900 voice on. If you missed it. Erika called those few minutes ago France combined here's a question. I've been eating so much op. First I. Can't get there but that's a great hair and easy it is that I'd ask. Oh yeah aren't out a couple of ads in. I want I'm really really terrible person. A corner at. He used it and Hitler in the middle of you guys do it. Like for. Like one of those speaking. Now. Oh. That's it. Tony calling from Lawrenceville you. Yet after Enron Erica what it Richard writes. Keep that level it. I'll. Be enemy and that and all that make it and I'd be. Shocked if he can. So you think she's super shallot. I guess the question is did you do you have asthma Tony. A guy makes my question is that is it high is it like. I'm by anxiety. Stress. That says. Big question orchid like nobody likes. I'm just wondering if maybe her issue is in meeting to ask this question is you don't know if he never acknowledged it. Yeah I'm saying it. If not not sexually transmitted these. Like he did it oh. Yeah I mean. I'm I'm I mean I had to it's funny that it hadn't talked about. They pretty technologies' low what do you. Dew and in that situation so my initial thought is all of this island that's themselves you know like this is it like this the good thing. Pat myself on the back end and great. My second. Is. A lot of other women including counties are and this is bad yeah. I made him get his how it was an I mean and it isn't him. Yes but and it's like are you okay. Like our uber you fit in your category so I think of it not her being shallow memoirs of a concern and she's not interested in any market like. She could potentially hurt whispers. Maybe that's or you can look at it. A bat and kill anybody but you know I would be impressed myself. A guy that every if you put on teacher yeah okay tablet about it and I. I yeah. Ideally you'd you would snap yeah yeah. I do you have any additional comments we always love. When you activism basement we read the Molly chatter he's trying to as many as possible. So please make your way to face but that sciences before one. Problem ask can run if you have a question and you would like to participate on this show for thirty seconds. Feel free to reach out to listen anyway and you could be the next object. And spun. And cantor and an analyst at. And that's gonna make you went to hang out now amount of platinum limited didn't just. She now. Or one.