Calls about Jenn Disciplining Another Kid

Tuesday, July 19th


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Injustice and shells. On starring Eddie floral and Connie you just call this a minute ago. Does not think Jen did the right thing new app. 100%. Do not ever. The plan my cat out of touch like I might have and lacking related felony or murdered when things don't constantly. Now that rest of that cost you and it tells her child's perfect it would never have to be disciplined and it's right but it should she do not. Verbally physically or otherwise discipline munchak hey Kathy welcome to the show. And ordain morning. I wanted to come out at caller. I am a parent are you get the plan. Not other people kicked butt kicked at the Fed you'll be watching and the other polish and promoting her yeah. To be only. And lie and only other yet. Well what she did and it wrong there are no cheated perk they know how did that and it did not and I'm done parent. You make sure that other poultry and art art art acting accordingly whether they're playground or school. Actually probably home schooling that need to be an attack Albert we are gonna be here. And not. The sheet protection he not she. Other protective. And not acknowledging that out here Iran's. I would agree that is the lack of acknowledgment that they could potentially reduce them and acting is the shocking part and it takes a village. Kim in Atlanta hey. AAD. Act. Italy half do I'll pay. Let it out for English. Your eyes and at an average. I'm. Kicked. Is out. Can't let me tell you. Kim let me tell you why you're awesome. This call started review pullen a passage out of the Bible an enemy you died and I wish I went from running that's. Our current art. Aren't kids sorry that's I sign. Some discipline I'm paid to me and slimy things gone. What do you think tonight. I don't wait that she presented at 100%. Height IP he did correct. It does take a village can accidentally and not every child is perfect I mean it's part of the learning process. Have you ever disciplined someone else's kids steamy. And I think someone. Talk to me about my daughter which the kind of ridiculous but it where. You know my daughter. Her daughter's name correctly and we're she decided to have it being. Production of this was in the sanctuary of the church what I would totally inappropriate. But. You know I the letter do whatever she can't. I understand if there's something that other kids are doing harm a child or other children you have to protect them. What to protect. All right okay. Last on this is going to be Britney in Decatur hey Britney. Okay. Well I. Our Bob and right now I. Am I anyway. And he hit it right am I Connie idiotic. That split grip might get caught. Your kid and it and like there and India and about it I'll eat you. That other part. Of it you do it right. You know. Dean you're my little. You know there. You know I want. To. Call out. The caller. Or. You know. It's. Thank you Britney you're gonna make a great parent yeah. I don't I've realized gender based on the first caller that we in this. Think in Jericho where she referenced the Bible verse that is like the equivalent. There. I wish I job. Is that it use today if you quote the Bible at the beginning of your come June you came to him and you say bless her heart at the beginning of the conversation you insult the crap out of current account I think that's a perfect analogy. Of living in the south. The injustice in shells. OnStar in 941.