Callie Shows Us That Kindness Costs Nothing

Monday, March 20th

Jeff's heartfelt story about his wife reminds us all what a little kindness can do


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Following before line. I hear guides. And a vast. First in on the planet is my wife's. An air of brave few days she does something just to remind me acts. No it's just little things like you know thoughtful little notes earth or you know pick and some them. Up at the still war that but maybe am mentioned in passing and she remembered she isn't thoughtful about things and you fight under the radar with detail. If she doesn't want a lot of attention for how thought she she ranked does it because she has such an. And it has. It's it's kind of a tragic context. Where this took place but it you know win win their tragic circumstances that's and you really get to see people's. True colors me so it way is Saturday afternoon I believe this Saturday afternoon and is. We were at home and we just. Suddenly became aware of commotion going on in the neighborhood. And looked out the windows to see hired truck ambulance police cars all at a house on the street. So because you know everybody on the planet as a Boyer once that was going on. We just posted up there in front of the window and watched the events unfold. Down at the end of the street. Ands. It was something pretty tragic happened at the at the end of the block that involved all of those first responders. Ands. As this scene played out it was it's something. Like in nature and it tree fall are some act of god or loses some sort of disturbance or something. It was a domestic it was a medical crisis got so. If this is all going out but we didn't notice you know that all we knew is. But they're fire trucks on the street. Let's watch. And we're watching. And eventually as this scene plays out as is this is this story. Happens unfolds. There's a man who is obviously very distraught. I don't want to maybe maybe sixty. Years old. And he's leaning up against one of that responders. Vehicles. And he's big cops are talking to him and he's obviously very upset. And so the cops are done with a mean he's waived in his eyes and easy is new shirt sleeves to that you know wait. What tears away and we're watching all of this happened and of course is. For boy yours you know were let what do you think happens and all invested in the in the drama of it. And then the cops walk away from the guy. And they go back in into the home and this guy is still. Leaning against the car so they've obviously told him to stay there. We I've seen this guy walking his dog around the neighborhood but I don't know him cat Kelly doesn't know him he wouldn't know his first name you know. And but it we just we don't buy what is dog looks like you are ready to that guy so. So he's he's sitting there. In the ambulance leaves. And it's not in a hurry. All are now worse Serna kind of figure out like. This guy's doing really really bad had yet in this guy's still leaning against his car and news. He's all alone. In its just this is we looked on the block is just him. Leaning up against the car and at times he's crumbling down to the ground led off and then he gets back up and he shares in in my head. I'm thinking and as we're watching I don't know maybe 201520. Minutes is this whole thing plays out. Cali and I we got quieter and quieter at the beginning oh what do you think's going on which house is that what's happening what's going on down there ands. Then we. As we start to realize that what happened is probably pretty tragic. And we just can't get quieter and quieter and I start to think I had a really sucks it back as there all along that we don't know. What the circumstances are or why he's there are a what his his left him in that position. But obviously I had there's nobody there with him. And I'm thinking it and I am like. I'm only to do equities was due to a situation like that. And all of a sudden Kelly out loud like almost a issues reading my mind to choose obviously having the same thoughts she has pay. I'll be right back. And she. Walks over puts her shoes I'm grabs a bottle of water out of the refrigerator goes out the front door and then I see her is I'm still watching out the window. Walk down the street while the rate up to the guy moves can chipped out because I can see her. Doing it. Is she held at the bottled water to this man who's all alone and then she gave me the biggest hug. In she just leaned up against the car next to issues like scratch his back for for a minute and she just sat there and she had her arm around image he just talked to him. For like. I don't know. Ten minutes and then a car came flying up and somebody got out of the current meant running up to bomb somebody emails me you know he. And what running up to them and and and gave him a hug and then. Cali just kind of walked away and walks came back came out of the house but. Like this guy was just he was just so. A loan. And it was just her instinct to go take care of home. And I think. Because I thought about hey maybe this guy shouldn't be allowed on May be one of I should go be with him. Right now I don't want to intrude lose and I wanna intruder. Now maybe he wants to be alone. You're questioning whether or not but if you wanted to be alone like when I talk about it with Cali afterwards. I said it's you know like. She said that I just thought it. You might want somebody there and if he didn't. Wouldn't she would've been offended because she is handed him the but if she kind of she extended the bottled water and said. Do you do you want to of the drank and he said no thank you she would have said. Okay and well this is our that's our house. If you need anything you know we can see all this going on so she's just so. Awesome like that's just hurt instinct yeah and I mean like that's just her her nature and her. Cut is I. I love that it doesn't take her along the process from the thoughts of action right that's were so many of basket stuck that's where I was stuck. Is you think you wanna do something you think you wanna help somebody else. But it. Don't know it's almost like not having Matt filtered just. The thought turns an action immediately you don't want to process that she what is goes and six the writing a story it's the right answer and. It's so again kicking myself because. Why did I questioned it and the people who posted up on FaceBook about it would everybody questions that Ike. YE. Do we you live in a world. Where if you see something someone in pain or in need. Why do you hesitate to hope that person. Might be retreat. Rather then. Help and or in May help I'm using a term so loosely because it was a bottle water and a hug and ten minutes or time. No but for whatever reason so anyways the fact that she. Process and she said she had those such as anyone about the round but it wouldn't. You know when she weighed all the options she's like. I'm I take that chance but that's the right chance to take and said. This it to you serves as a really good example for anything you come across in your day yeah you know does that have to be as tragic as. The what you all witness right. Because that's an an intense moment but I think it can be in smaller moments to just summing it seems down in the dumps right it's I guess offer that. Comforter that. Announced that compassion. As I talk through it how I guess it's fear of embarrassment. Maybe but you don't want you know your eager to be bruised right of being rejected. And so white and it's uncomfortable because whatever they're dealing with his off court. I felt that when after Reese's diagnosis. There were so many people that reached out to help and great but there were other people that retreated because they didn't know what SA. If he didn't know how to handle I could see people. Yeah I could just see people. Trying not to make eye contact with me yeah. Trying not to engage our interact because it wasn't because they were mean our renewed is that they didn't know what to say yeah. I guess boyfriend Hersh is governor. Is the so from Sony now is like. From somebody who's done that in men there. Is the right answer to always insert yourself always just. Said it out there even if it's just one word or one sentence or one game I think avoiding it. It's the wrong thing here avoiding interaction as the wrong choice I think the right choice is. Offering compassion even in the smallest ways. Even just like. Just like no words like there was a friend here in the office who just put his hand on my shoulder. It didn't say it didn't have to say anything it's just. His hand on my shoulder like that knowing luck it was enough to offer. A kind of compassion your talking about the Cali offers just. That. That love for a stranger. You know aren't a friend. Simulation of the creepy guy for the creepy guy yeah I don't just go around which I thought it's. The fifteen minute backroom yeah. His bag and I tip well anyways as well I've always loved Cali knowing lover even more strictly a little early enough. You just enjoy and shell on selling people a look at.