Callers with Their Sorry Not Sorry Stories

Thursday, July 14th


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Sarah Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting usually because we can't do it without you call looks from World War II 74. You 400 thanks for make. This young guy before wind. Britney Spears I mean man. Las Vegas. Gives you the opportunity to meet there. For 15100 dollars a person. My friend Brooke than 3000 dollars against her and her mom. Backstage to meet Brittany spears Brooks said he entire exchange lasted ten seconds almost Texan on it and he says disappointed. She loved it. That's 300 dollars a second. Hugs and a amount of money into act crazy rich she pretends seconds of britney's she's a person she believes that she's did she get to touch. Under at least I've heard of the pitch around. Brush shoulders with. Elizabeth and Cuba. Yeah. Ari I'm sorry not sorry you spend big money and one. I winds. The iPad side I'd bet my excitement now for a week and how. It's just days. Great vacation. Pay Diana. I answer you spend money. They are. Okay. Would it. 11000. Oh about it. Trees. That they are. Frivolous people who spend frivolously dynamic could collars. Amber you gonna be our last columnist hash tags are not sorry would you. It's been a ton of money on. Three. She. That about that. Relationship. Yuma yeah yeah. Packing and where the rain never heard about it. There is much is equality use. That would matter right now that it'd been lights. And it's not that. Mean. In light makes it more special. Over. Well I mean that that's the agreement at the air here ire. That that we like their filter even want Whitewater's their shelter. It amazed me and like how animals and it's great to hear that the best thing. And it is back on its own. Well now you do you actually have to be doing and Aaron NTELOS out of what's costing your relationship. Didn't he come out there on the papers. And he went outside the cut thinking I can end. Detergent that. You meet. Well I did it. It's then tell me either hot out there making a product and. You can't appliance. That is has power novel uncle may and Graham yeah. And it. Think now. And thank you for the every away. Yeah I ambulance accidents are on Saturday night's Larry. Appreciate the company. There's Jesse James shell. So are far.