Callers Give Names They Hate

Wednesday, May 18th


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Geoff in good joke to show Vizio. Conversation I had 404741. Now before hundreds on the sign any more lawn. I hit Brooke welcomed the jet engine Shia. How sorry I would like on record and say I that you are kind and adorable. Yet here in the they're not very many and a neighbor so why would bad. It should rat. OK I think. Have Brad let's Larry Starr sorry that you got Brooke sheen's she's doesn't have a name Jan. She's Brooke she's kind she's Levin heard she's on that and other products she's got a name that's been ruined forever. I hope god. Tech has been my again. Or name might. Have had does that. Rants and all of them are ran it done. And it. I mean teams that are ruin it and ran to me is a guy frequently. Yet that angry crowd and let Brad. Is always on the. Yeah. A pack. That's Brad and different. Hate to meet a white name is terrible awful can't stand it horrible human being. And money. A I'm tired world is Matt. And if you name it. I. We. I would like I. But aside dining Tony comes I want. And I'm not metal movement that he instead on the ground. Hey Lauren and McDonough and you got a name that is destroyed free. Yeah well. I get it right more. I'm more. And yes I am meet a guy. I've guy Morgan will always. Girl more game probably cheat. On your house I think. They Deanna welcome to the show. It. Is in free forever. Well Chris. Chris. Chris interest why. Well my. And heated up near hype over a creek. And act they re. Are they. I am the entrances are out yeah it's not yet and those two together there Chris and Croats and so on him and apple. The Chris that the criticism here. Yeah. In these. Call for an attack worth 38. Ares I I had a boy is a voice terrier admiral Terry. Scary I'm imagining forever die or. Some 101000 dollar and. Lula. Terrible Terry. Yeah I would be seen in years to change. Anger I'd cement you can be the last colleague taken this from tennis what name is ruined for you Samantha. Surely it's your own name. My homemade you'd wait one day. So. A friend of mine was. She used as some very serious charges like when that you had to go through court it lingered on. Her anger. Kind of find out the person falsely accused her. Whitney again. It's. So now every time we look at the marry you think of your for a friend in that his terrible false accuser her terrible false accuser. Right exactly the person has no reason to accuse them that we're gonna get anything out of it if I needed that for the per. Except for my friend goes to jail we wanna yeah. We get re you mean you. Let's let me just say yeah this school is Sam's cute Sampson hill since they're really great and you go. I. Yeah. Yeah I think OK I think if I think it just wash U cleaner. I'm might be bias you as my mom's name but I think Samantha you just go by Donna you really need a bad down there channel the client yet but they mind their own business update on the Dinah super cool yeah they bring you brownies. And I mean that they're the ones the first ones to bring summed it says Samantha we just changing and I downing you're welcome thank you have a public service project and it's just this day shall. Suns are now before one.