Call From Sally

Friday, October 7th


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Star in 941. It's far a thousand bucks today if a thousand dollar thank you and your next chance to win at work today is at 11 o'clock with Heather Branson turnaround started at 41 Atlanta as soon as it. We took a phone call Jen like. Toward. Many and it was on a cease commend to your company show tomorrow night at I think there right. And that was the ball to the conversation but then he said he hoped the comedy shows really funny because he's coming directly their from a gender reveal part. And you guys that are real party that made that we made fun of them because it was like his second gender of your party yet has been to reason that I. In my life was like oh yeah and that is generating a party and the music while you you know better stay the night. With comedy show. As sadly. Heard. She is oddly this rate now. And she says. That we were being ridiculous. Out at us and Charlie are the only people on the planet. They don't like gender revealed. I mean it seems odd to you and how I Sallie Mae Sallie. We're paying. Is that an accurate translation of your remarks. You know I don't look at for the practice that creed deeper recession but I was just Atkins Diet that you guys there. He's still your party is. I can I call it independent. I mean I don't think if I like I'd certainly. Celebrate any. They be related blessing that you you lie I think Imus if there's a party scale. Gender reveal parties by the way down toward. You know most people look to find out really like them. Everybody I talk to let that had former iPad forging her you know parties and I. Well that makes and I feel really court that everybody it seems that love. You've got four kids and you had one for every can't. Yes and every single and with so. Different sayings for each word and that they can't fault for each each one to their younger Brothers sister and you know I'd. You can really beat feel good about it and any agenda you have kids so that's that's part of the finest fighting. Wait in Japan than in shares that would everybody. It's no fun it's awesome we we did we found out for our first issues that girl and opening on Christmas morning. To span late in there a party or anything and then with our. Party yeah. At a party. Yet when we didn't. I missed out and and it's not like you can throw parties now. Let's find out yeah. I already know well with recent waited until she is more we were that keep it a little time people. Seeing delegate it to the last one that we camera three Finland that we've. Out of all around the end we didn't think they the you could split it into you know you can put those and those kind of half wall. We had the first part of the party. Just a regular road and then we opened the door to the second half of the room and it was everything with pink week and have yet. Cable people. People walk the walk and it happened that the wall that is and the current tactic that was pink everybody got said he would reluctantly. People loved it people looked at. You often elaborate. You lawsuit you like baby showers three or. Of course they Harris we do first birthday party for each kid we get second birthday party and that we have a party before the kids. Go to school that before the particularly in the summer soiree. First reached yet. People love coming to those feel. Lucky that sound like that can't feel it which gets the seat they. And they love bringing guests you know people love to get kept within the debate be around. Are you a party plan uses a different living and then you really. Your own life. I can't I feel like I should be. And this and we didn't oh well. Where are my second child we had one where we're. Elect a place criminally filled it with hundreds of balloons and everything looked a little built with confetti. Ended. You popped up all the room was filled with blue confetti. Fell. Think he's like yeah at least an eight years and it's just it's really really great. How many guests you have your gender review all. Pardon me how extravaganza. Is you are not throwing a gender reveal party. Urged throwing a gender reveal extranet you're renting a ballroom. Your gender reveal party for your for a decade as more elaborate than many people's wedding that's. Yeah I. At the end. I say let's seat them and swollen. 300 people. He's that he won't happen coworkers even my coworkers came and then it got a booklet that team. The plot an acute and all of our our first street Kitts and came to the people people that. I but if it was. This is a gender male party. Have a person at the light spinning if you are celebrating and it can't get Kate skilled at finding that surprised that it's. Think there's been there's door prizes for like thousands of credit. There's a fifty show on X and just say you know there's also Kate at public's enough I had only that you can get back at 1112 by accident. And a lot of times. But you don't get to share this big surprise the burning gas. Reporting a decrease in the length he could see eye to making it other than that guy Charlie called I can. Chronically ill that there is that one person listening right now who doesn't. Like these can't beat it to do you parties. I don't really how I understand the appeal I mean I think it tend to reveals a really fun I love watching the videos on pace. I love it when you heard in the pictures of it I think. Notes and watch the surprise of the grandparents of Everest re nerve into an actual event. That would lead with ten. But with pink or blue fire take hold on okay Sally. We keep talking big birthday I'm thinking and he hires Sally. And party I Jessica welcome to the jet engine chip. Mario. I'm Pamela I gotta be a little shocked a little shocked this woman and a little over eight. It's intense. I she's a pay interest on the I'm afraid. Page welcome to the jet engine champ. Not IA agents at. That they did a minute then saying I am. That's the party and I had a baby you're out and I did not Scotland they are we at Benoit the I know 11 about public at a bridal hours. OK she maintains that. Now you will be and a list you and Charlie and Jen and I only people on the planet. Who don't like gender repeal. This or does he not sure you. There are. I'm Jeff and aides are the only ones I'm a little shocked that her gender reveal party. Had more attendees and where you how much. And. It. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one can notice the company's gone enhanced recovery of the jumping ship show star and 841.