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Friday, October 7th


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Are not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin gent shell all. Stadler is ex ambassador as the lion of the four big artists. That will be at jingle jam and tickets go on sale at 10 o'clock this morning if you. And every one that a starter before one Atlanta I'd dot com. Get your tickets to see X ambassadors Charlie James bay and rain on December 4. We very much with them to see them. Hey Charlie welcome to the different tension out. I love you so let me switch. It. English at that age you're great I'm so excited about what was that woman to your comedy show tomorrow. I hope you don't usually I can go. This. I. On the stage with you Jeff you got hang tents and there Jared Harris Hank dancing and myself and I can promise you. Hank Johnson and Jared Harris very funny. And then once they get a but he warmed up people usually laugh at me else. I know you don't like look at this doesn't it's like they actually got them down Jabber little portable work well. I'm hoping to actually get respect. Actually like the good and Marty writes yet edit. As an elite rather what Chandler looked. How many people are they having it Aniston revealed party. I always sort order that sorted. Its source so two dozen people have to stand around. And wait for them what they'd be cutting UK France and blue ride it popped balloon or something. I don't know the last slower is they threw like these I actually edge but had. Like that's it's. Like any porting you've had to go to more than one and this is your second. Yeah. Popular. Some realignment your dragon records suggest nomination. I. Yeah sure we are as low as I did it quote and I you know much. Right now. Her. Eyes momentarily. Good luck with the gender VO party tomorrow and we'll see you at the bucket theater and go well the actual Q what were your great. Star in 941.