Call on Being Creepy

Friday, August 5th


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They Jesse James show. There are ready for a one. There's certain things that guys. Can not Italy is in women can pull off and it's in its key. That's why we're talking to you if you're a guy you would be so creepy. Become. And Edward in this because of our producers have achieves news pulling out all the stops to locate. A man that he has crossed paths with a few times if guys were doing the same stuff that she's doing. It might be if we certainly going to be following it on the radio at a cute and hilarious little story you. You would ruin your friends on yet it is called welcome in the jet engines. Ranked similar. Moment. I gave. Sexy pictures. Of my girlfriend. About his old boyfriend and won't slow him. And then when I am when I'm alone. I look at the pictures. And I use the pictures from my own. It's I'm sorry but that is straight at creepy see yellow yellow get fazed by NC like your best friend's husband at the beach and you save the picture. And then when you are having private time. Sure you're looking at is your friend's husband. Boyfriend husband you know we're the couple up and could have pretty cute. I also. I'm not even now but it's a argued are. Are you dating anyone right now. I'm married. Now. And things spicy. Spice up your mind at least four. OK that giggle I'm. No I didn't even know why did follow up with a neither I just feel you shower does he have any idea you do this or. Yeah. She doesn't I've never heard I thought about telling him about it it's sometimes when it's in our together and think about the experience. Think about talking to him about. Thank you someday. Okay all right well you're planning give her some advice on whether she should Russian. I hate what's good for you and your husband is is it three I would just bring it up carefully. I I didn't think about it thank you for the call time Yankee go all loyal. If you are browsing this game like you've got to bed bugs all over you. Now what if she is your friend Jen. I. Sometimes. Yeah and when the first calls between output into the last day. I. Think that Anna ramps up the topic I was. In that. And I was weird followed the answer Graham of our students reading actually not only how the widens the ground. You known about this a you don't know about this as your cute why would I know this program called hot dudes reading and it's amazing and. I thought I was slightly creepy for following it and it is creepy pictures of people reading eyes meeting. Models in its models. But then people capture pictures of hot dudes reading and so. And venture into. Most of them are set up. You never heard it. Moody you know odds. Us Tokyo. And ladies you're welcome. And yeah I mean this here. What else is in the instant then you know. It's just reading. All. Right before Alter its foreign total from Rio. Before I'm totally creeped out by all the women it's now every females in the room at. Before until we have died and Jesse James shells. Sons are not before one.