Brunch All Night

Wednesday, August 10th


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Sound starring on before blind. Over the past several days we have van. Planning and have a big party for Jefferies and show listeners it is and come together behind the scenes and a little bit on there. And the idea is just thrown event. Where Kevin Angeles has come and hang out we have a good time to do it on weekend nights that we can stately. Right we've given I'm party got a fine I think it. And conversations happen. Behind the scenes but it's it started because we got a phone call from Mormon and Gretchen. Yeah we can't take credit for this party or the idea at all it was really her idea and she said. I think you guys should throw a party for everyone completed our teachers party. Throw a party firm reason okay that's a good idea and she calls back like three days later and she says I have a better idea. You should throw a party for every one what you should make it a brunch themed party. The most says bloody marys champagne. And all the French foods all in one night here haven't party. And brunch all combined into one. And it sounded like a fantastic idea so we got off the end of that day when Chico ran down to the promotion department say here's the idea just aren't. And nobody had any objections. So we're gonna call Gretchen right now. And we're going to let her be the first person to hear the details. All of our parent. Hello. Hi is this Gretchen. It. Hey it's Jack and Chiang hey Gretchen you. So. You financing giving us on your great ideas about her own party right of course of course. In my life. I. Well. We took your ideas and literally ran down the hall with them and told all the powers that be here it's aren't any form. Your idea of throw party making nighttime party put wrench into it's it's the best part your weekend all and one nights. Today. Loved it. Only and eighteen. Yeah. We want you to be the first person to hear in this announcement are you ready. Saturday August 27. At terminal A west in west midtown. Where you are throwing a party. Called the Jeff and Jane's. Right edge all night eight. It. It's that that's part of the weekend crammed into one Saturday night party weighted DJIA. Lied musical performance. We've got Ryan's themed food from bold American events. Champagne. And champagne cocktails. From cork now. Prize is from celebrity cruise lines including. Michael quarters here. It's singles party it's couples party it's a threat now. It's Saturday night rode out with a brunch theme called brunch all night. And anyway and teachers are eight and tell. It's not not not objecting and teachers come and they know how to party this. A. Almighty god I am. All excited I cannot believe that you entered my first call and then you can't make that call and I you're calling me and it's happening. It's happening because it is as many tickets you need let us know you and your friends are VIP. Because this party would have happened without you. You in your seventh grade posse is now leaned away okay. We would love to have you that we need you there once again it's called Jeff in Jane's brunch all night. Saturday the 27 of this month it terminal west and anybody. Period toward one. Anybody can ago. Tickets are twenty dollars they go on sale this Friday. And all the details are online right now it's star 941 Atlanta did not count. Jeff and Jennings brunch all night. All my guys I am so I said he didn't seriously the best you bet you're so great news I appreciate your restraint and little patriotic. No. Thank you graduate and lots of southeast and we just have to do early in the night can I am planning on participating brunch and all night yeah yeah. They get Gretchen utterly brilliant original idea and we can't wait to meet you mean there will be intent to buy your tickets now that. Great thing you out here all he tells you need to know about Jack and James brunch all night presented by hotel indigo celebrity cruises. And of course start before one. And Sunday brunch come alone you know you want. One welcomes you did she finishes crunch all night Saturday night August 27 at her little. Analyzing these things. From pulled American. Simpson your favorite French drinks pretty easy of course now. Columbia records are nice. Reorder your tickets for just one need only starting Friday morning and night starry night. Over jet engines run chill night. By celebrity. Now before blind.