The Bridesmaid's Bleep Line is Back

Wednesday, April 5th

You know you can't actually tell the bride and groom that everything they're doing is driving you mad, but you can tell us!

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So are in 941. Last year we debuted the bridesmaids. Believe the line. This a chance if you're bridesmaid are anybody involved in a wedding. To just complain and let it all out because you have to be so nice if you're in the bridal party. You can't be honest about the things that are so annoying and the process of just getting your friend married his. Our pride we've heard from grooms before or so. We wanna start this again because wedding season is upon us we wanna give you some examples. Of the best of the best messages left on the line and then woke gummery backing give you the phone number the you can call. And let it all out because without you. The bridesmaids bleak line. Isn't a thing. Cute shirt that impact. Your creepy. Okay. That. I mean I. Or. Is definitely. You know multimillionaire Eric I hit the camera image 800 all of you it. Hey you brought it Harrell is a problem. Yeah added I'm happy life he paper. Without him girl well. You can add up. Here. Your hunt EV. ER let me not to write me. Art at me ugly old apple app called Acker. I wanna see it on. My part and so. So what you're saying it I get the game partner and or Iraq. Yeah argue he had that. I. Yogurt and he. Picked. Up eight. And I did. I turned my immediate aren't. I may have been at it like dealing with all of your wedding he didn't really tight about it yeah yeah ABBA. Like I'm at a party. To meet actors and gave them ready and we're back at me again and I don't need a lot. I mean did a great knee and her hand EE the only thing look people who are getting worse and it. Once I got an American couple. Go right leg really hard not a lot of Americans annually every couple. He and he and let it get into power. I. I hate writing so much. Earlier he. Didn't know he had he had he campaign money that and I. Yeah eighteen or more than. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.